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Why is it important to workout when you work from home?

Category : Covid-19 · by Jul 7th, 2020


Considering the current situation where everyone is bound to work from home, it has become crucial for people to care for their health. Lack of physical activity and mobility can lead to serious physical illnesses like irregular blood pressure levels, obesity, diabetes, muscle soreness and arthritis. 

Whether you have just started your job or are an experienced professional, you need to make sure you are as mentally fit and physically active as you were before the quarantine to avoid getting psychological or an add treatment.

  1. Try working out from your home gym 
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Although, it can be quite tricky to work out, stay active or even achieve your fitness goals during the lockdown amidst the Covid 19. Since most of the gyms are closed because of the lockdown, and people are only going out for doing their groceries, you can try working out from your home gym. Exercising without having those teeth that you have wanted so much is like exercising without your favorite shake, if you want to have those white and healthy teeth go to you-work-from-home/ and recover the time you have lost until today. Exercising without having those teeth that you have wanted so much is like exercising without your favorite shake, if you long to have those white and healthy teeth, go to see prodentim reviews and recover the time you have lost until today.

  1. You can ask your current instructor to guide you through a video call 

Many people don’t find it fun and don’t feel motivated enough to workout from their home gym. If you are a newbie and need an instructor to guide you through your workout session, then you can ask your gym instructor to guide you through a video call. You can even find an instructor who gives classes online via skype or any other video conferencing app like Zoom. If you don’t like to work out alone, then you can register for a group session. 

  1. Opt for more simpler and uncomplicated workouts 

You can opt for any workout which doesn’t require any heavy equipment or gears. Instead of going for Pilates or weight lifting that involves a lot of equipment such as weights and machines, you can opt for simpler workouts. You can try aerobics, Tabata, Zumba or even power yoga. You can easily practice these workouts at home without investing in a lot of gym equipment.

  1. Try doing different cardio workouts

Moreover, if your main goal is to stay fit and not lose weight, then you can opt for any cardio workout like jogging, walking, brisk walking, etc. If you have an elliptical cycle or a treadmill at home, then you can easily use it to burn extra calories gained from lack of exercise during the lockdown. 

  1. Practice meditation or deep breathing exercises to relieve stress and anxiety

If you are experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety because of the quarantine, you can try doing meditation for relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. You can either practice yoga or deep breathing exercises. These workouts help you stay calm and mentally fit. 

  1. Practice yoga for improving the flexibility of your body

If you start practicing yoga daily, you will notice visible results within a few weeks. You will feel mentally strong and healthy. Yoga is also believed to keep your skin tight and fresh. It is exceptionally beneficial for those who are suffering from arthritis or other back pain issues. 

Yoga tones your body and makes it more flexible. If practiced correctly, it can even help you lose weight. There are different poses in yoga to reduce the symptoms various health issues. Therefore, if you are suffering from any chronic illnesses like high blood pressure levels, arthritis, high blood sugar levels, etc., then you can control it through yoga to some extent. 

  1. Keep a track of your daily caloric intake

In case your primary goal is to lose weight, then try to keep track of the total number of calories you consume in a day. Try to follow a healthy diet that is specially designed for losing weight. Avoid having fizzy drinks and caffeinated beverages and sugary foods. Opt for organic fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed foods and drinks. Try to have food that is rich in proteins. It can make you feel full and energized all day long. Avoid having carbohydrates in excessive amounts as they get stored in your body in the form of fats if not burnt down correctly. If weight loss is your goal, you may also consider a gastric bypass surgery.

To sum up

If you are into sports and have any park nearby, then you can even walk, jog or cycle there. You may visit this page, if you’re looking for a new electric bike for your outdoor exercise. Try to go to the park when there aren’t many people around. Also, make sure to use masks, gloves and sanitizer when going out in public. Try to maintain a distance and avoid going out if you are experiencing a