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P90X3 are Shorter Workouts

Category : P90X3, T25 · by Sep 23rd, 2013


So you’ve seen the last couple of post I’ve done has been dedicated to P90X3. Im super excited to see what this workout is going to bring to the table. I do have a little more information now than I did in the previous post. I have apprised myself from about how these exercises can be blended with other exercises.

With P90X3 you’ll get 20 different workouts each at 30 minutes!  I do believe its going to be broken down into 3 phases also. P90X3 I think will be the biggest workout to hit the market EVER! If you’ve followed me the whole time or you’re new to my blog, you’ll know that my passion is with P90X. I LOVE all of the Workouts that Beachbody has produced. In fact I’ve just finished up the T25 ALPHA and BETA workouts. Today Im in the last phase of T25, the GAMMA phase. Im very impressed with this workout. I’ve gotten great results in my cardiovascular workouts, my stamina and strength. But my 1st love is P90X! And I am truly on pins and needles waiting on this workout to hit the streets.

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One thing that people always compliment me on are my abs. Each Beachbody workout I’ve done and I’ve done just about all of them…keeps my stomach tight and well defined. But my #1 goto workout to get the best looking abs is always P90X. I’ve personally never had better results than with Tony’s ab workouts. Don’t misunderstand me though! Great abs don’t come from a single ab routine. Its the complete workout series that delivers the best results.

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect workout to get amazing results from in the shortest amount of time, then P90X3 I can confidently say is the right choice for you! Just fill out the form below so you’re among the first people to know of its release you can find out for yourself! The best part is once you get the workout, I’ll be your FREE coach. What does that mean? Im here to help you start and finish you’re program. I’ll be here to help answer any questions you may have our just be your support system! Sounds good right?! So don’t wait. Fill out the form.

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