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Why am I So Tired from Doing P90X?

Category : Diets and Meal Planners, P90X, P90X Nutrition, Shakeology · by Nov 7th, 2012

Tired during or after doing P90X? Well that could  be one of two reasons. 1. either you didn’t get enough rest or 2. you’re not eating right. Yep thats what I said. What you put in your body can affect your workouts and how you feel all day long. I personally know all about this. How you ask? Well because I was in both categories when I first started doing P90X. I had never counted calories when I first started with the Beachbody workouts. To be honest I never knew how.

What does Counting Calories have to do with P90X?

P90X is an extreme workout. Your body is just like a car. If you don’t put fuel in your not going anywhere. I’ll just be completely honest with you. I was ignorant to health and fitness prior to P90X. When I first received P90X, I was like over half who do the same thing. I got it out of the box, looked at the schedule, tossed the book aside and started the workouts. Why is the wrong? Again P90X is an extreme workout. When you do the workouts your burning calories. When you burn calories, you need to make up for it by what you put in your body. I simply thought that eating healthy was what I needed to do. And it was what I needed, but you have to know what exactly to eat, the portions to eat and when. You have to give back to your body what your taking out.

Lets just say for example when you do P90X Plyometrics that you burn 600 calories. Some of you may know where Im going with this, but honestly I never knew. If you burn 600 calories, then you are at minus (-)600 calories. So if you need to take in 1700 calories for the day and you don’t make up the 600 you’ve burned, but you do meet your 1700 calorie goal, then you’re really only at 1100 calories for the day. So that means that your energy level is going to be down somewhat because your body needs the full 1700 to keep up with your lifestyle and the extremity of the P90X Workouts.

How do I know how many calories I need?

The answer to that question is inside your P90X Nutrition Guide. You know the white book that was tossed to the side. In the first few pages you’ll learn what you need to know about how to eat.


Your nutrition level is based on the daily amount of calories your body needs for optimal health and performance during the extreme fitness program. To determine your nutrition level, simply complete the following 4 steps.”

In the 4 steps you’ll learn how to:

• Calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR)
• Calculate your daily activity burn, the calories required for daily movement apart from exercise.
• Add the calories required for you exercise needs, which have calculated at 600 calories per day for the P90X program, etc.
• Now use your energy amount to determine your nutrition level in the table provided.

Of course I left some of the verbiage out, I don’t want to copy everything down from the book. At that point once you’ve figured out how many calories you need, you can proceed on through the 3 phases of the meal plan. Now Im not going to say that you have to 100% stick to the P90X meal plan, even though it is highly recommended, but at least you’ll have an idea of what your calorie intake should be, and if you read through each phase you will see what types of food you should be eating. If you feel like your not going to stick to the P90X Nutrition Guide I would recommend that you follow the Online Meal Planner through the Beachbody Club Membership. Unless your an expert, I can’t stress enough that you need to follow the outline of a good meal plan. Beachbody has done their research and hired experts to put these tools together so theres no sense in trying to recreate the wheel or struggling through your diet yourself. Shakeology is an absolute must for any intense workout. You’ll find great reviews on it, plus almost every single trainer from Beachbody will tell you that your body needs it. Just ask Tony Horton from P90X, Chalene Johnson from TurboFire, or Shaun T from Insanity. With great fitness there needs to be great nutrition!

How much rest do I need?

I personally can answer that. Only you can determine how much rest you need. I can only recommend that you get anywhere from 6.5 to 8.5 hours of rest each night. If you have the luxury of sneaking in a nap mid day, go for it!

I just need more juice during my workout!

This last bit is for those of you who just need a little more ‘get up and go’ in your workout. If you’ve gotten everything else under control but you want a little more focus and strength, then the best recommendation I could make is Beachbody’s E&E (Energy & Endurance) Formula. I do a few scoops right before my workouts and it truly does help to make it through them.

I hope this helps you get some energy back. Good luck in your workouts, and please if I’ve helped you with this post, please click the ‘Like’ button below, share this blog with a friend, and leave me your feedback. Don’t forget to get your Free Account with me so we can stay connected through the Beachbody site also! Beachbody Free Membership.


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