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What do I need to do P90X

Category : P90X · by Mar 27th, 2012

P90X is a program designed to continuously confuse your muscles. The benefit to muscle confusion is that you wont hit that dreaded plateau. P90X uses simple moves in creative ways to keep your body guessing, and in turn that allows your body to continuously change and become more flexible, stronger and more durable in the real world.

You can make P90X work with as little as just a set of resistance bands. Tony Horton will show you how to simulate any move with the band, including pull-ups. You can get amazing results this way. This is the most simple way to do P90X and is most common for those who travel often. So yes if your job keeps you on the road constantly, you can easily pack the P90X DVD’s and your band(s) in your suitcase and still get an amazing workout in your hotel room!

For those of you who don’t travel for a living and have the opportunity to workout in your home, then you would benefit from what I call the original P90X equipment. You’ll need a pull-up bar, resistance bands or dumbbells and push-up stands which are optional. In-fact I never used push-up stands until I did P90X2. You might ask if you really need them…well I can’t say its a must have, but if I knew then when I started P90X what I know now, I would definitely invest in these. The extra couple inches you get can really help to define your chest and builds strength. I would even recommend them for women, even if their doing push-ups on their knees.

I purchased a set of the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells, and I love them. But I personally rotate even in the same workout between the dumbbells and the resistance bands. You really get a good pump from the bands.

Now you may be thinking…WOW thats a lot of equipment to have to buy, but it really isn’t. In fact its really easy to purchase the P90X all-in-one pack, that includes; a set of Heavy Bands (or medium if you chose), the P90X Pull-up Bar, plus it comes with the P90X Results and Recovery Formula that really helps with muscle soreness, and heres the best part, 2 FREE bonus workouts, but you have to order with me to get the bonus workouts!

So lets sum it up. For someone who travels frequently, you can do the entire P90X workout with just a set of Resistance Bands and you still get the 2 FREE bonus workouts for ordering with me. For those who have the ability to workout at home, you need; Resistance Bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar. Optional things to consider is a yoga or plyometrics mat.

I started with P90X and I absolutely stand by it! Theres a 100% money back guarantee that goes along with it also.

Now this is the best part, if you want to pair P90X with ‘The Healthiest Meal of the Day’ Shakeology, and boost your energy and results, you can Take the Beachbody Challenge and actually save some money by purchasing the P90X Challenge Pack. So I guess the only question is; are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? If so I will help you as your personal Team Beachbody Coach, for FREE!


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[…] With P90X there is some equipment that you need. Basically dumbbells or resistance bands and a pull-up bar. For more information see my post for P90X Equipment. […]

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[…] There are some things you need for P90X. Resistance bands or dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and  plyo and/or yoga mat are optional. Most all these things you can get right here. If equipment is something you really want to know about, check out this blog post on What do I Need to do P90X? […]

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