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Tag : P90X3

P90X3 Challenge – Support + Accountability = RESULTS

Hi all! Its been such a long time since I’ve wrote a post I’ve almost forgot how to! So I’ve…

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30 Minute Workouts for Men and Women

Ok so now on to the good stuff. The biggest question isn’t whether or not there are 30 minute routines…

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P90X3 are Shorter Workouts

So you’ve seen the last couple of post I’ve done has been dedicated to P90X3. Im super excited to see…

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What to Expect with P90X3

Expect the unexpected. Tony Horton is one crazy fitness guru! If you “brought it” in any of the other P90X…

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P90X3 Review

P90X3 is Coming Winter 2013 Be the first to know the day P90X3 is ready to be shipped by entering…

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