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Shakeology Ingredients Review by Tony Horton

Watch Tony Horton in this video Review Shakeology Ingredients at the checkout lane.

This video gives you a review of the ingredient list in shakeology. Tony Horton the P90X master, is hilarious in this video! But with all jokes aside, it’s all true. Just imagine…lets say you knew all about the ingredients used in Shakeology, and you had a full understanding of their health benefits. It would still cost you a small fortune to get all it. Not to mention, the amount of time it would take to be able to prepare it all and consume it all. I wouldn’t happen.

What Shakeology has done for me.

Well for starters it helps me keep my cravings down for foods that aren’t healthy. I honestly can tell a huge difference in how I feel. I’ll never forget what my coach told me when I was thinking about getting it. I was complaining about how much it cost. When I should have been looking at it as a “cost-per-day” since its replacing a meal and thats only $4 a day. Pretty cheap when you look at it that way. So I was told how great I would feel and honestly I thought, yeah right, you’re just trying to sale me something. My coach said, “ok well its backed by an empty bag money back guarantee, so its totally risk free. He said drink it for a month and then just stop for a week and see the difference.” It was literally a difference of night and day. I could instantly tell how my energy levels were up during my workouts. My digestion was very good and I just felt better. When I stopped. My energy seemed to drop. My digestion was good, but I could definitely tell it wasn’t as good when I was drinking it. So long story short, I’ve drank Shakeology ever since. Going on almost 2 years now. Its funny too, my 3 year old son likes it. Of course I give him a small dose, but Im glad he likes it. I know its extremely healthy for him and that makes me happy. Anyone who has kids knows how hard it is to get your kids to eat veggies or anything healthy for that matter. Its been a life saver for me, my wife (who also loves it and got great results drinking it and doing P90X) and my son! I would strongly recommend it. Give your body the best! Don’t cheap out on your health! We need it to survive!


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