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Politics and P90X

Category : Uncategorized · by Aug 17th, 2012

What has gotten into Politics these days?

I’ll tell ya…its P90X people! I’m so glad to see that P90X is getting this coverage from Vice President candidate Paul Ryan. Politics are boring enough to me as it is, so throwing a little P90X in definitely helped to get my attention. I simply can’t say enough about this. I think it says a lot also that Tony takes time out of his schedule to go to Washington D.C. every so often to train with both Democrats and Republicans. Tony talks about how he helps them to figure out ways to modify each workout while their on the road traveling.

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CNN’s Piers Morgan talks to Tony Horton the creator of the P90X, the workout of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and how he and other Republicans and Democrats workout together to P90X in the Gym!

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