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Paul Ryan does P90X

Category : P90X, P90X FAQ's, Shakeology, Uncategorized · by Aug 16th, 2012

Beachbody’s P90X is on Capitol Hill?

Can you believe that after almost 10 years P90X is still the most EFFECTIVE home fitness program on the market today?

Seriously, take a look at some of the people who are doing or have done P90X and take a look at some of the people that you know who go to a Gym. I’ll just about guarantee that 80% of those you know who go to a Gym still look the same as they did, before they started going! Why is that? Well my readers, its called the Plateau Effect! P90X eliminated the Plateau Effect with whats called Muscle Confusion and Im so glad that that Paul Ryan is using P90X and even leading workouts! What a great motivation! I think we can all honestly agree, regardless of your political stance or belief, it pretty freaking awesome that those with influence over or great nation are using these awesome workout programs that Beachbody has worked so hard to produce. I say, its about time that Washington leads out with a good example!


By POLITICO STAFF | 3/23/10 8:16 AM EDT Updated: 3/23/10 11:51 AM EDT

In an interview for POLITICO’s video series “Health Care Diagnosis,” Rep. Paul Ryan is asked about a fad he helped create on the Hill.

“It’s a fantastic workout,” Ryan says of P90X, which stresses the importance of muscle confusion and cross-training. “Bart Stupak and I lead it every morning. There’s about a dozen of us who do it.”

Ryan, a former trainer, says he keeps his body fat between 6 percent and 8 percent. “I’m kind of a skinny guy,” he admits.


So this still brings me back to the question; “Why is P90X so Effective?” Well, this is my answer, BECAUSE IT WORKS! What more do you need to know about it? 12 different workouts, that use Muscle Confusion. You train in 3 different blocks for 90 days, and it keeps your body guessing. You use resistance, cardio, core and stabilizer and mobility workouts. You never have to worry about plateau and odds are once you finish your first 90 days, you’ll want to do it all over again!

I wasn’t trying to be mean earlier when I said that the people you know who go to the Gym still look the same. The main reason is because they find a routine that they like, and then they just keep doing it over and over. So they might get some changes in the beginning, but eventually they hit a plateau and remain the same or even go backwards.

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