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P90X Shoulders and Arms – What to Expect

Category : P90X, P90X FAQ's · by May 23rd, 2012

This is a great workout for me personally because I get to through some dumbbells around. Remember to watch the moves the first few times to make sure that your doing it correctly! Tony Horton does a great job of showing you exactly what to do with the equipment you have, and he’ll even tell you what not to do. Remember that if you cheat, your only hurting yourself, so do the moves to the best of your ability and you’ll be fine!

This is what you’ll do on P90X Shoulders and Arms day:

Alternating Shoulder Press

In and Out Bicep Curl

Two-Arm Tricep Kickbacks

–repeat sequence

Deep Swimmers Press

Full Supination Concentration Curls

Chair Dips

–repeat sequence

Upright Rows

Static Arm Curls

Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks

–repeat sequence

Seated Two-Angle Shoulder Fly’s

Crouching Cohen Curls

Lying-Down Tricep Extensions

–repeat sequence

BONUS ROUND (Yes you should do it. Just do your best and push yourself.)

In and Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Fly

Congdon Curls

Side Tri-Rise

–repeat sequence

When doing these reps remember that more weight at 8-10 reps for size and less weight at 12-15 reps for a slimmer toned look.  Don’t forget the  15 minutes of P90X Ab Ripper after this work out.

If you haven’t started your P90X yet what are you waiting for?

Also don’t forget you can get a Free Beachbody Membership.


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[…] 3- P90X Shoulders and Arms workout time 59:53 mins […]

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