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P90X Legs and Back – What to Expect

Category : P90X, P90X FAQ's, Uncategorized · by May 23rd, 2012

So you’ve made it to day 5. Your probably sore from head to toe and that’s OK! Legs and back is probably going to contribute to that soreness also! Oddly enough though, most of the time my butt is the only thing that gets sore from this workout. Not sure why, but nevertheless I think you’ll like it! The main focus this work out is strengthening and developing the glutes, quads, claves and hamstrings and when your resting your legs you’ll be doing some pull-ups!

This is what you’ll do on Legs and Back day:

Light cardio warm up and stretch.

Balance Lunge – To intensify add light weights and increase your range of motion.

Calf-Raise Squat – To intensify add more weight.

Reverse Grip Chin Ups

Super Skater – To intensify go low.

Wall Squat – To intensify add an extra 15 seconds.  (yeah right)

Wide Front Pull-Ups

Step Back Lunge – To intensify hold weights at side or raise your arms above your head.

Alternating Side Lungs – To intensify goo deep and hold dumbbells at side during lunges.

Single Leg Wall Squats (as if regular wall squats aren’t hard enough)

Dead-lift Squat

Switch Grip Pull ups

Ballistic Stretch

Three-Way Lunge with two-Kick Option

Sneaky Lunges

Reverse Grips Chin Ups

Chair Salutations

Toe-Roll Iso Lunge – To intensify increase depth and add weight.

Wide-Front Pull Ups

Groucho Walk

Calf Raises – Intensify with more weight.

Closed Grip Overhand Pull Ups

80/20 Debbie Siebers-Speed Squats

and last but not least, more Switch Grip Pull Ups

Cool down and stretch

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and get P90X!


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