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P90X Discount Code

P90X is the #1 best selling home fitness program on the market today! I’ve tried a ton of different workouts from other companies and even free downloadable military workouts from popular mens fitness websites. But I never got the results that I did with P90X! (March only check out this post)

Is there a “Discount Code for P90X”?

Short answer…no. There isn’t a discount code for P90X. Lets go over what comes with P90X and then look at the price and determine whether or not it’s worth $119.

So whats in the deal for me?

For the small one time price of $119 you get:

          • P90X Fitness Guide
          • P90X Nutrition Guide
          • 12 Extreme P90X workouts PLUS the Free Gift workout valued at $40
          • Team Beachbody Coach for life, for FREE (can’t put a price on lifetime support)
          • Finish the 90 day program, submit your profile information and get a FREE P90X shirt just for completing the workout
          • A community of people who are just like you, that you can chat with, plus the opportunity to chat with Tony himself on the message boards.

So lets talk about each one for just a minute. The P90X Fitness Guide is exactly what it sounds like. I has the story behind P90X, what you can expect in your 90 day journey and tips for getting started. It has your P90X Fit Test and calendar schedule for the workout that you want to do. There are 3 workout schedule to choose from…you can pick which one works best for you when you read up on it. The guide also give you a defintion on Muscle Confusion – what P90X is based on. Check it out below.

The P90X Nutrition Guide again is pretty much self explanatory. I will say that this is the Master of ALL nutrition guides. It has a 3 phase plan to guide you seamlessly through you 90 days. Its absolutely fool proof. Remember nutrition goes hand in hand with your fitness. Muscles are made in the gym, abs are made in the kitchen.

You get 12 workout DVD’s PLUS 2 free gifts. Im not gonna tell you what the gifts are…you’ll just have to get P90X to see what it is. Its definitely an awesome gift! The workouts are:

  • P90X – 01 Chest & Back. Targeted strength and definition workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises.
  • P90X – 02 Plyometrics. Explosive jumping cardio routine, proven to dramatically improve athletic performance.
  • P90X – 03 Shoulders & Arms. A potent combination of pressing, curling, and
    fly movements that will leave you stronger and more defined.
  • P90X – 04 Yoga X. Combines strength, balance, flexibility, and breath work to enhance
    your physique and calm your mind.
  • P90X – 05 Legs & Back. Squat, lunge, and pull in a total-body workout like no other.
  • P90X – 06 Kenpo X. Intense cardiovascular workout includes punching and
    kicking for endurance, balance, and coordination.
  • P90X – 07 X Stretch. Achieve a higher level of athleticism, prevent injuries, and avoid plateaus.
  • P90X – 08 Core Synergistics. Build and support the core while conditioning your body.
  • P90X – 09 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. Targeted strength and definition
    workout emphasizing two classic upper-body exercises.
  • P90X – 10 Back & Biceps. Flex your powerful biceps, and focus on toning and
    tightening those showcase upper-body muscles.
  • P90X – 11 Cardio X. Low-impact, fat-burning cardio routine.
  • P90X – 12 Ab Ripper X. Sculpt an incredible six-pack and improve your physical performance

Team Beachbody Coach…well thats me! If you order through this site your automatically assigned with me. My goal is to help you reach your goals! I’ll be hear to help answer any questions you have from Day 1 to Day 90 of P90X and longer. Really for as long as you need me. We’ll always be linked up. Thats a pretty sweet deal to get a coach, you don’t have to pay!

I’ll show you how to get your Free P90X shirt after you’ve completed your 90 days of P90X.

Another benefit from ordering through this site, is you’ll become a member of the Team Beachbody Community. These people are all just normal folks that like you are either starting on their workout journey or are simply addicted to the lifestyle and the fun and informative atmosphere of the Beachbody Community! This is definitely a safe zone. I love all those people, plus getting to chat with Tony Horton once in a while is pretty sweet too!

I know I need Equipment. What do I need?

There are some things you need for P90X. Resistance bands or dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and  plyo and/or yoga mat are optional. Most all these things you can get right here. If equipment is something you really want to know about, check out this blog post on What do I Need to do P90X?

So are you ready for the next 90 days? You don’t need a discount code to get in shape. You get so much just for the small amount of $119. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?


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****March Only Special for P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs****





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