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P90X Cardio X – What to Expect

Category : P90X, P90X FAQ's · by May 23rd, 2012

What to expect with P90X Cardio X.  Its an even paced workout. It just kinda touches on all the areas of the body, without lifting heavy weight. Its a great workout to through in on Sunday afternoon when you don’t have anything else to do and you just wont a simple workout to do for your off day! This is also a workout that you’ll do in your recovery weeks.

Also if you need a break from P90X plyometrics while doing the Classic version you can substitute Cardio X for it to give you a break from a more intense work out.

With Cardio X you will be doing some Yoga, Kenpo, some plyometrics and some core work.  If you are looking for a nice cardio workout t you’ve have come to the right place.

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[…] 11- P90X Cardio X workout time 43:18 […]

[…] 11- P90X Cardio X workout time 43:18 […]

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