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I Go to the Gym, Why am Not Seeing Results?

I talk to a lot of people and they say to me that they’re going to the gym, but they are just not seeing the results from it. They say that they are running on the treadmill, hitting the elliptical machine, attending cardio classes, and even lifting some weights but still they aren’t seeing any definition, toning or weight loss. People constantly ask me what’s my secret to getting in shape and staying in shape? I always give them the same answer…P90X. Yes people that’s right P90X helped me to get in shape and it keeps me in shape.

So what’s so Special about P90X?

Well to answer that question I really have to tell you the truth about why it works for me. Most men would be embarrassed to tell this but I would rather suck it up and just give you the honest truth! As a child I was always active in sports, playing outside, you know the normal kid stuff. But as I got older, I kind of grew out of it. Growing up with only one active parent, my mother. I never really had anyone to show or teach me the ways of working out. I even signed up for an elective weightlifting class in high school, but to my surprise I didn’t really learn anything in class other than how to spot someone bench pressing. I too never got results even as a teenager. Time went on and I tried a lot of the TV gimmicks and never got results from those either. Shortly after I got married, I was laid off from my job. I drank beer just about every night and finally decided I was going to get in shape. Of course I was still relying on useless knowledge from what I had seen in weightlifting class years ago. A family member gave me a nice bench, bench press bar and weights and again I decided to buy something that I had seen on TV. The “Ab Lounger”. Im sure you remember. The blue chair that had a foot bar that simulated a sit up. So a buddy of mine and I decided we were gonna start lifting weights and doing abs with the chair. He was a little more experienced in weightlifting, so he showed me a couple of things and I was doing 300 sit ups on the “Ab Lounger” everyday. This went on for about a year and yep, you guessed it, I STILL WASN’T SEEING THE RESULTS. Now, of course I was able to bench a little more than when I started, but no inches were lost, and I definitely didn’t have abs. The simple fact of the matter was I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING OR WHAT TO DO. Out of pure frustration and I guess a lack of interest my buddy quit on me and I continued to do what I could on my own. I was getting nowhere still. In between all this time I had landed a new job and one day I heard a girl at work say that she was going to start P90X. So right then and there I decided that if she could do it, then I could to and I had to admit that what I was doing definitely wasn’t working so I thought it was time to try something new.

The Beginning of P90X…

Now most people when they hear the term P90X just kind of “cringe up” assuming they know what P90X is. I have to admit that I was a little more than intimidated by it. Just watching the youtube videos alone is enough to make you think its impossible. But I “grabbed the bull by the horns” and got the program and got started. So when people ask me whats so special about P90X, before I can even answer the question they say; is it hard? Well yes it is and it whooped my a** the first few weeks. But for the first time ever in my life…I STARTED TO SEE NOTICEABLE RESULTS!!! But why was I seeing them? Ok by now Im sure your wondering if Im ever gonna answer the first question…What is really so special about P90X. Ok I’ll tell you…

…I have a SOLID workout routine that shows me what to do and when to do it.

Thats right. Before, I had know idea what muscle groups to workout and on what days to do them. I simply didn’t know how to workout. The reason that P90X works for me is it gives me a set schedule. I know each day what muscle groups Im going to workout. Tony Horton does a great job of leading each workout. He tells you why he chose to make each schedule and he shows you how to do each move.

Ok all this sounds good, but what if I can’t do a particular move?

People will tell me, “well I know you have to do push-ups and pull-ups, what if I can’t do them?” Thats the joy of P90X. Tony gives you ‘modified moves’ to help you until you can perform the real thing. This is truly the greatest workout I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot!


But wait, theres more! (lol). Working out is only half the battle. P90X also comes with a nutrition guide to help you plan your meals each day for your 90 days. Along with not knowing how to workout, I also didn’t know how to eat healthy. I thought I did, but some of the things that I thought was healthy really wasn’t. So with P90X I learned how to workout buy following the schedule and how to eat healthier everyday, not just for the 90 day program. If you really want to jumpstart your health, fitness and/or weightloss then add in Shakeology once a day everyday as a meal replacement. I drink it everyday and have been for close to a year now. Its just a way of life for me.

Another popular question I get is, don’t you get board? Quickly I tell them, not really. Im in amazing shape. I do P90X to keep these results. The 90 day cycle, is mixed up so well that I never really get board. Sometimes when I finish a 90 day round of P90X I’ll do Inanity, or P90X2 just to freshen things up, but I always come back to P90X.

If your tired of not getting the results you want, then stop waisting your time! Oh and I almost forgot, when you get P90X/Shakeology from my site, you also get me as your Coach for FREE! That’s right unlimited support from a now, well educated Coach! Im actually P90X Certified. If your thinking about getting P90X and Shakeology together, consider the Challenge Pack, you save $50 right off the bat. So STOP waiting and take back your life!!!


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