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Does P90X Work, and Will I Be Sore?

Category : P90X, Weight Gain with Extreme Workouts · by Apr 18th, 2012

Will P90X make me sore?

You better believe it! But have no fear, it will go away. Remember if it were easy, everyone would already be in shape! Great results are worth working for!

I have done P90X for about 6 or 7 rounds. I’ve done most all the Insanity workouts, TurboFire, Insanity The Asylum and P90X2.

In the beginning of this year (2012), I did P90X2 for for 90 days (I did skip the recovery weeks because they were optional, so it was more like 70 days) and 30 days of Insanity the Asylum. They are very different workouts and target different things. So I felt like I needed to do the P90X/Insanity Hybrid again. P90X to me personally, is the best workout Beachbody has put out. (Just my opinion) It just simply works when used effectively. The first workout is Chest & Back & abs. Now Im in pretty dang good shape. (If you want to see my results, check out my video on the right side of this page). Insainity The Asylum has my cardio at its max so Im good there. I was surprised that I could still do the same amount of pushups that I did when I finished the last round of P90X just before new years. However, man-o-man am I sore. I honestly forgot what it felt like. I think it was a good idea to mix in X2 and ITA, to let my body take a break from my normal routine of P90X. Like I said my body is where I want it to be right now, so Im really anxious to see the results Im going to get this time with P90X.

I will say that as I was doing day 3 of P90X, Shoulders and Arms and AbRipper, I could hardly stretch out, because my chest was soooo sore from all the pushups on Day 1. But as a coach, I knew that there were no excuses, and that I had to ‘Walk the Walk, if I was going to Talk the Talk”! I quickly remembered that as you get momentum the soreness kind of gets put on pause. It just goes away. You can’t let your mind tell you “oh its gonna hurt so do less weight, or your already sore, don’t push to hard” you have to fight through the soreness. I know it sounds crazy but the harder you work when your sore, the faster it goes away, at least it does for me.

So if I can sum it up for you. Don’t put things off because of mental fear. Don’t let your mind stop your body. Believe in yourself and just do it. Your body will follow your mind! Also like I said, P90X is my favorite, but I see the importance of rotating all of Beachody’s workouts. You’ll just continue to get better and better results each time. You can’t alway do the same workout, even though P90X confuses the muscle each day/week. You need to let your body rest from routines, and mentally challenge yourself with other workouts, even if it’s just for 30 days.

Quote of the day: “Your always 1 behavior change away from a massive transformation.” Now think on that for a minute!

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