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Insanity Max is on the Way!

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The Craziest 30 mins of Your Day Will Get You theBest Results

With INSANITY, Shaun T gave you a year’s worth of results in only 60 days. And now, 5 years later, it’s time for INSANITY MAX:30— the hardest 30 minutes of your life. There’s no equipment needed; just push to your MAX and get insane results in 30 minutes a day and get a check up with the chiropractor Glen Huntly.

In INSANITY MAX:30, the only thing standing between you and the body you want . . . is YOU. Every day you’ll push a little harder, go a little longer, and dig a little deeper. It’s not about finishing the workout—it’s about seeing how far you’ll go before you MAX OUT like as you would do with a Personal trainer.

One more minute. One more rep. One step closer to the body you want. INSANITY MAX:30.


Ok have you ever wondered why Insanity workouts are so long? I mean they’re not really long, but after the warm-up you already feel like your ran a 10k race right? Ok so Insanity Max30 is all about getting insane results in 30 minutes, but delivering a high intensity workout. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know a whole lot about this workout yet. But I do know that if you’ve done insanity and you quite the first time, then this is something you may want to consider. Modify as you need to, take breaks when you need to. Just jump in and push yourself to get the results you want.

I want to hear from you. What do you think about this workout? Are you going to give it a try?

Go here to be among the first to know when its available: MAX30

*Results vary.

What does it take to be a Beachbody Coach?

If you’re reading this post then I assume that you may be interested in knowing what it takes to be a Beachbody Coach. Well I don’t want to take away from what I said in the video but let me just say this. All it really takes is a little determination. An interest in health and fitness, and healthy living. And a willingness to share it with those around you. That’s about it.

We will be talking about a healthy lifestyle and the don’ts within the exercise routine, for example after surgery, there are special routines for this you cant continue with the same one, and it also depends on the surgery you had,  we will be joined with breast lift Sydney procedures to learn about the movement of the body and the flexibility after a big surgery or a cosmetic one.

Oh and of course if you want to be on my team, then you MUST be 100% willing and committed to drinking Shakeology once a day. Watch now.

If you have any questions or you think you’re ready to become a Team Beachbody Coach, then contact me now and lets get started on turning this into a solid business for you!

Im READY TO BE A COACH! <<–The best way to sign up is with a Challenge Pack. It has all you need to get started successfully!

I might need a little more info?!

Focus T25 Review


It’s all about time…thats what Shaun T said at this years Coach Summit in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to hear Shaun T speak on stage and give a full T25 Review. I was able to do the workout live with Shaun in Vegas and of course I bought Focus T25 myself and brought it home to do. Let me just lead out with this. This program is absolutely amazing! 10 Minute Trainer is a great short workout by Tony Horton, and you all know that Im a big fan of Tony, but I have to say, T25 is now the leader in the category of short workouts that PACK major RESULTS! In fact I would go as far to say that Focus T25 is even going to give the longer workouts a run for their money based on the results you’ll get!

T25-ResultsWhat to Expect with Focus T25.

The first question that I get asked is; is T25 like Insanity? While Shaun T was on stage giving the full Focus T25 review he specifically made mention that T25 can’t be compared to any of his workouts, because they are all made with different purposes. I’ll agree with that to some degree. As Anna and I did Focus T25  Alpha: Total Body this morning, we did some moves that I remember doing in Insanity. But let me say this, and maybe I should have lead out with this part at the beginning. T25 is all about you. You go as hard as you want or can, and even in doing that sometimes when Shaun wants you to go at your max its at a slower pace. Shaun T really was brilliant in the creation of this workout.

These workouts are all built on progressions. So you’ll start slow and progress up to whats call the burnout. In your progressions, it seemed to me and this is also how Shaun described it…when your doing a move and you reach that point of exhaustion he switches it up and you’ll go to a move that is working another muscle group or the same muscle but in a different way. Thats what makes this workout so great! Its not like Insanity in the fact that your dog tired by the end of the 2nd warm up and still have 1 more warm up to go!

There are NO BREAKS in T25. But like I said, your not pushing to the point of exhaustion with each move. The 25 minutes really flies by. The first 10 minutes seem like 30 seconds to me, and by that point Im drenched with sweat! Once I realize that I have 15 minutes left I really start to “Focus” hence the name, Focus T25.

Check out this T25 Video Review.

Any age, any size, any level of fitness. 25 minutes! You can do it!

What’s Behind the Name Focus T25?

Well I pretty much gave it away in the last paragraph. Most people when they start working out are dreading the 50 minute to an hour workout. So they just kinda go through the motions and dilly dally around not really focused on getting the most out of their workout. Or they know that they’re already running behind and their mind is somewhere else thinking about the things they’re gonna have to catch up on from being behind on the long workout they have ahead of them. So they get half way through the workout and realize that they only have 20 to 30 minutes left and they haven’t even broken a sweat yet, or they may be exhausted, if you made it through the 3 warmups of Insanity 🙂 and didn’t push so hard in the beginning after the warm up. So then they really start to “focus” on getting the most of the last part of the workout. That was the main idea behind creating this workout. You know going into it that you only have 25 minutes and your going to have to really focus on the time you’ve got and get the most out of the workout. Its kind of a psychological play, but hey, it works!

Insanity was too Hard on my Body. Is T25 anything like that?

Easy answer! NO! Shaun T actually spends more time up moving around, demonstrating form and the modified moves. That’s completely different from any of his other workouts. If you can remember Tonya from Insanity, she actually demonstrates all the modified moves for T25 so if there is something you don’t feel comfortable doing she will guide you in the modified moves. Believe me, they are just as challenging as the original moves but a little easier on the body. Don’t think for one second that the modified move wont get you the same results either. Tonya looks great in these workouts and actually just had a baby within years time.

Some of Insanity’s moves were a little hard to do and learn in the beginning because you might be on the floor at a weird angle and can’t really see whats happening on screen. Thats why Shaun is spending more time walking the floor then working out in these videos. You can feel confident while in a move that you’re doing it correctly because he will tell you exactly what you need to be doing. In fact he’ll tell you in some parts that your head should be down and not looking at the screen. He will give you specific, easy to follow examples that you’ll have no trouble following along and doing.


Do I need Equipment to do Focus T25?

Yes and no. With the “Original Package” T25 comes with the Alpha and Beta phases. Its a 60 day workout. No equipment other that you. Maybe a resistance band, but the pack comes with one. Once you’ve completed that 60 day cycle, you have the option to get the additional T25 phase called the T25 Gamma Phase. Want to get it done better and faster? Prepare to take on the next 4 weeks of FOCUS T25. These advanced GAMMA Cycle workouts and training tools were specially designed to burn more fat, and help you carve lean, strong muscles, fast. With the Gamma workouts you’ll have the option to use dumbbells and/or resistance bands.

Overall Thoughts and Review on T25

I think this is going to be the number 1 home workout for a while. You’re going to be able to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, strength and stamina. This is your perfect all-in-one, short home workout. With practically no equipment needed for the Alpha and Beta phases, this is the perfect workout for any person of gender. Any size and any age. Any occupation! What I mean is if you travel a lot, thats ok, take it with you. You can do this workout anywhere!

If you’re in perfect shape now, I challenge you to try T25. I bet it will be a bigger challenge than you think! And if you’re only a beginner and/or never worked out a day in your life, this is still the perfect program to start out on. And at only 25 minutes, 5 days a week you should have no excuses why you can’t do this workout.

I offer a ton of support while doing this workout to help you start it and finish it! It comes with an amazing nutrition guide thats easy to follow and of course I always recommend that you drink Shakeology regardless of doing a workout or not! Your body needs it! No where else can you get a daily dose of dense nutrition other than Shakeology! Stop waiting and take control of your life! Get this amazing workout and please, please, please come back to my site and tell me how much you love it!

If your interested in being a part of an accountability group, email me before you buy, and I’ll tell you what to do to get a spot!


As always hope you found this information and the video useful in your decision. If it was helpful, please click the Facebook “Like” button below and share it within your social networks. I welcome your comments and feel free to contact me for more information on help in getting started on this amazing journey to a new you.

What is a Beachbody Coach?

So you’re wondering, What is a Beachbody Coach? If you can really make money and help people all with no prior experience in the health and fitness industry? Well Im going to really break it down for you. I’ve attached a couple of short videos for you to get a visual and Im going to hit some of the most important parts that I wanted to know about when I became a Beachbody Coach.

My Definition of a Beachbody Coach:


A person who is simply ready to get in shape and/or try new things, and make a living all at the same time. You don’t have to be in perfect shape, or for that matter be in shape at all. All you need is the willingness to want to get in better shape. There is absolutely no experience necessary to be a coach. Thats basically it! Let me explain a little more.

This was a great picture of just a few (I mean a few!) members of my team at the Coach Summit training last year.

Qualities that I look for when talking to someone about becoming a Beachbody Coach.

Here are 12 things I look for in a person considering:

  1. Wants to get in shape (or if your in shape already, wants to continue on with their fitness)
  2. Someone who wants to improve their health overall
  3. Wants to make an impact in others lives
  4. Wants to make a great, steady income working from home
  5. Someone who is ok with being told “No”
  6. Someone looking for a Business, NOT a job
  7. Is eager and willing to learn new things
  8. Enjoys People
  9. Isn’t afraid of stepping outside there comfort zone
  10. Is NOT a sales person
  11. Enthusiastic
  12. Someone who is willing to lead by example

Let me explain a little more on each number

1. Wants to get in shape (or if you’re in shape already, wants to continue on with their fitness) 
Since Beachbody is a Health and fitness industry, a person should want to workout with the fitness programs that Beachbody provides. It doesn’t however mean that you have to be in perfect shape. Lots of people make the comment that “I can’t be a coach because they aren’t in shape. Who’s gonna listen me?” Thats so not what a Beachbody Coach represents. You don’t have to be in shape to become a coach. Its all about growing and learning. Its about the journey and being able to relate to people.

2. Someone who wants to improve their health overall
This goes right along with #1. You don’t have to be healthy, but you need to be looking to better yourself. Beachbody is the #1 home fitness and nutrition company. So your willingness to start leading a more healthy lifestyle is key if your considering being a Coach.

3. Wants to make an impact in others lives
One of your rolls as a Coach it to help others achieve there health and fitness goals. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to physically drive to someones house and teach them how to workout or show them what to eat. You may be learning all this stuff too. The main thing is to encourage others to make that all-imortant first step. Beachbody takes care of all the other stuff for you. P90X for example, Tony Horton is the Trainer. He walks through each move in P90X even showing modified moves for those who may not be able to do certain things in the beginning. So see, you don’t need to be a fitness expert, all you need to do is help people by using the recourse that Beachbody has given us. Also with P90X (and all the other amazing Beachbody workouts) comes a meal planner. It has step-by-step instructions on how to fix healthy meals. So once again, you don’t need to be a nutrition expert either. All that work has already been taken care of, by the real experts. All you have to do is be willing to use your recourses to help other in finding which program will work best for what they need. Also Shakeology is becoming a Household name. Its the easiest meal that you can prepare also the healthiest! There is absolutely no guesswork at all when it comes to Shakeology!

4. Wants to make a great, steady income working from home
The title really says it all. As a Coach you have the ability to work where ever you want! As a coach you earn 25% each time someone decides they want to get healthy and get in shape. Its that simple! Beachbody has made it really easy for people to do it too! As a Coach you’ll get your very own personal website that people can go to to get there favorite workout, Shakeology or they can even become a Coach also by signing up at your site!

5. Someone who is ok with being told “No”
This is just a simple fact. When you’re talking to people and try to offer a great solution to something that they’re unhappy about, sometimes you’re going to hear the word No. Not interested. No thanks! It sounds to hard! I don’t have time, and the list goes on. This is something that I like people to know upfront. Sometimes it just takes people longer to make a decision. So if someone tells you No, just say OK, and then revisit them 6-12 months down the road. You can’t take it personal. The decision to become healthy and fit is a decision that you and you alone have to make for yourself.

6. Someone looking for a Business, NOT a job
A job is something that you have to get up and do. Most of us get up out of bed, get dressed pack a lunch and head off to work from 9-5 or when ever. At your job you have responsibilities and you get told what to do each day. You answer to someone, and they set the rules. In the end you’re working to build someone else’s DREAM! If you own your own business then its something that you enjoy! Its not a job. You need to have an entrepreneurial mindset, or at least be willing to learn how to have one. You’ll set the rules, you’ll answer only to yourself. Your production and income will be based on what you put in.  And the best part is if your working for yourself then you’re building your dreams, not someone else’s! And the best part is you can work whenever and where ever you want!

7. Is eager and willing to learn new things
Becoming a business owner can be a little scary in the beginning! That’s why you have to be willing to learn. Beachbody once again has made it really easy by have tons of resources, motivational/strategy calls, video trainings and conferences all at your fingertips! If your eager and willing to learn then your gonna do great at being a Coach! As a Coach, I personally like to see what other successful people do, and follow in there footsteps.

8. Enjoys People
Lets face it, if you don’t like people then I wouldn’t recommend becoming a Coach.

9. Isn’t afraid of stepping outside there comfort zone
You’ve got to be willing to be uncomfortable at times. You’re more likely to be successful when you’re outside your comfort zone. It’s like the old saying goes, “do what you’ve always done, and get what you’ve alway got.”

10. Is NOT a sales person
I don’t sale anything. Yes people do buy stuff from me. I do make a commission when they do. But Im not a door to door salesperson. Those people don’t care. All they want is a sale. A Coach makes recommendations based on the tools we have and what the person is telling they want to accomplish. We don’t push people into buying something. We simply share what we are doing in our own lives, what’s worked for us, and the people we know and make a recommendation. Thats it!

11. Enthusiastic
You’ve got to be excited! This is an amazing company to be apart of! The facts speak for themselves! You don’t have to jump up and down and scream, but you should be excited, because Beachbody gets great results, period!

12. Someone who is willing to lead by example
This is probably the most important one of all! In fact it kind-of contains a little bit from the 11 above. If you’re serious about becoming a Coach, you’ve got to be willing to walk-the-walk! You should be working out with one of Beacbody’s programs. It doesn’t mean that you have to do the extreme workouts like P90X or Insanity. But you should be doing something! Thats how you get experience. Thats how you learn to make the recommendations. Also you need to be willing to drink Shakeology everyday! How else can you tell someone how great it is, and how its working for you if you’re not drinking it yourself. We don’t lie to people. We’re 100% honest, and thats because we use it! Personally, if that isn’t something you can commit to, I wouldn’t become a Coach until you feel like you can. It’s that important!

Oh and Beachbody isn’t some formal company that doesn’t respect their Coaches! Heres another pic with the CEO of Beachbody Carl Diakeler at summit last year. He’s a busy man, but always makes time to chat with his people!


Here are 2 videos that can give you a visual of what being a Beachbody Coach is like. If you’re ready to become a Beachbody Coach now, get in great shape and earn an income, then join me now, and together we’ll help to “End the Trend of Obesity in AmericaBecome a Coach! If you’re ready to become a Coach and you need help choosing the right workout and flavor of Shakeology, I’ll be glad to make some recommendations for you. After you watch these short videos look at the bottom and I’ll tell you the cost to getting started.

Become a Coach!

How do I sign up to become a Beachbody Coach and is there a Fee?

Its really easy to become a Coach. The most economical way to become a Coach is to sign up with what’s called a Challenge Pack. A Challenge Pack is:

  • The workout program of your choice
  • Shakeology on home direct
  • 30 days free as a club member
  • All combined into a discounted price
  • Prices range from $160, $180, $205, $245 and $305

There is no fee when you sign up as a Coach with a Challenge Pack. You can see a list of the Packs here. If you decide you only want to sign up with Shakeology on home direct then there is a 1 time signup fee of only $39.95. As a Coach you’ll also get a 25% discount on anything you get from Beachbody!

Become a Coach Today!

If your seriously ready to do this, I’d love to chat with you, to help you get started. Get ready for change. Get ready to take back your life! This is the best decision I’ve ever made!

As always hope you found this information and the video useful in your decision. If it was helpful, please click the Facebook “Like” button below and share it within your social networks. I welcome your comments and feel free to contact me for more information on help in getting started on this amazing journey to a new you.

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