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Will P90X Work for Fat People?

Will P90X work for fat or obese people? Well the short answer is YES! P90X was developed with all body types in mind. The P90X program comes with 12 DVD’s of different workouts and the P90X Diet Guide.

This is how the program works. You get the Nutrition + Fitness + Support and that = Success!

You can get the Nutritional aspect through 1 of 2 places.

  1. P90X 3-Phase Diet Guide
    With this handy book, you’ll see what to to eat and how to fix it. It tells you when you should eat and what to expect in the changes of your body. The 1st Phase is the fat Shredder. This gives you a diet to follow thats made up of the right kinds of food, to help you shred fat while still giving your body everything it needs while doing a workout like P90X.
  2. The Beachbody Club Membership
    In having the Beachbody Club Membership you have a little more flexibility in what you eat. The P90X Diet guide was designed specifically for P90X, however the Club Membership is also a good source for an easy meal plan that you could follow for the rest of your life! Very inexpensive too!

No matter which guide you choose to follow, remember that you need to choose 1 to go by. What you eat is just as important as your workout!!!! Shakeology is also a great way to pump your body full of nutrients! Made up of whole foods it really gives your body what it needs and boost your weight loss while helping you to feel better and more energized! I would highly recommend you drink this Shake! My house does every single day!

The Fitness side of P90X is pretty much self explanatory! You will receive a fitness guide to follow. It has a calendar that you will use so you know which workout to do, on the right day! You choose whether you want to do the P90X Classic, Lean or Doubles version.

Now for extremely large people, you probably wont have the flexibility or strength to do all the workouts. I personally would suggest that you start out with the P90X Lean version. There is less weights and more cardio that will help you adjust to the workouts and moves, until your ready for the Classic version. The best part about P90X is once you complete a 90 day cycle you can do another one, and another one, until you reach your goals. And from that point you could consider other workouts. The bottom line is this. If you consider yourself fat or obese, stop trying to limit what you can do! P90X is the perfect program for you to shred fat, get lean muscle and learn a new and health eating lifestyle. Don’t limit yourself because of your size or weight. Simply do what you can. Like Tony Horton always says, “Just do your best and forget the rest!” That’s always enough!

Check out Tony’s Pay it Forward workout to get a small taste of what it’s like to workout with Tony!


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