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Will P90X Make Me Bigger

Category : P90X, Weight Gain with Extreme Workouts · by May 4th, 2012

Will P90X Make Me Bigger?

Well that really depends on what you want out of your P90X Workout. I hear some people say, “I don’t want to lose a bunch of weight and be real skinny” or “I don’t want to get all bulky” and most women are worried about looking more masculine instead of lean, toned and sexy.

Let me explain a little by telling you my personal experience. I have always been a small build of a guy. People see me now and say, “well you didn’t really get bigger, you just got cut”. Well I disagree with them 100%. I did get bigger in some areas. My arms never really had a defined muscle…it does now and is larger in diameter! My back got a ton of results, and is of course is wider, and when I flex the muscles make it “bigger”.

I think it all depends on what you want to accomplish. I personally don’t think that your going to get arms like the one in the picture above by doing P90X. Let’s refer to that picture as “a body builder look” from now on. I don’t think your going to get “a body builder look” from P90X. Don’t get me wrong though, you will get amazing results and get ripped if thats what you want, but P90X isn’t designed to give you 30″ bisects. It’s really designed to help you shred fat, and define muscle or get ripped as most like to call it. Now for the ladies reading this post, don’t let that scare you off. P90X has 3 different versions that you or the males can do.

P90X Versions:

P90X Classic – This is your “Classic” or most popular version. It’s designed to help you lose weight, shred fat, build and define muscle and get ripped.

P90X Lean – This is what a lot of the ladies that I know like to do. This version is less weights (but still some) and more cardio to help you lose weight, burn fat, define muscle  and yes get ripped.

P90X Doubles – This is for someone serious about working out! You workout 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I think this was built more for athletes to train by. It’s not for beginners to the program! But anyone who is in shape and has the stamina can do it!

Of course these versions are all in the P90X program, they are just different workouts each day to help you achieve your goals. P90X also comes with a Workout Calendar, P90X Guide and the P90X Nutrition Guide to help you with your journey, whether it’s to slim down or ad some definition and muscle.

In conclusion will P90X make me bigger? Yes. But remember, not like a super bulky body builder. If you follow the P90X guide, you can obtain the results you want. You’ve just got to “Bring IT!” Are you ready?

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