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P90X Yoga X – What to Expect

Category : P90X, P90X FAQ's · by May 23rd, 2012

Ok so A LOT of people ask me if they can skip Yoga X? I always tell them to “just do it!” Yes its tough at first and yes its uncomfortable at times, but man-oh-man does it really help you in your over all fitness. Not only does it help clear your mind but I’m really more flexible and durable and have more stamina than I ever thought I would be. Plus its always cool when you show people your ‘Crane Pose’! Don’t forget your mat while doing Yoga. Carpet can get uncomfortable!

This is what you’ll do on Yoga day:

Warm up, which includes Mountain Pose, Wide Feet Hamstring Stretch, Wide Forward Bent Over Torso Twist, Split Leg Forward Hamstring Stretch, Standing Side Stretch, Astanga Sun Salutations, Downward Dog Calf Stretch.

Moving Asanas

Runners Pose, Crescent Pose, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior, Triangle Pose, Twisting Triangle, Chair to Twisting Chair (Prayer Twist), Right Angle Pose to Extended Right Pose and Grab. Prayer Twist from Runner’s Pose to Side Arm Balance, Warrior Three to Standing Splits.

Balance Postures

Tree, Royal Dancer, Standing Leg Extension

Floor Work

Crane (pre-handstand), Seated Spinal Stretch, Cat Stretch, Frog, Bridge or Wheel, Table, Cobbler Pose

The Yoga Belly 7

One-Legged Hamstring Stretch into Two-Legged Hamstring Stretch, Touch the Sky, Boat, Half Boat, Scissor, Torso Twist Hold, Deep Torso Twist Hold, Touch the Sky, Side Twist, Glute Stretch, Happy Baby, Child’s Pose, Shavasana (corpse pose), Fetal Pose and Meditation Pose.


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