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How to Train for Tough Mudder

Yep, that’s me and my teammate. Tired wasn’t the word for it. But it was an absolute blast to do this challenge. We ran in the Tough Mudder Carolina’s 2012 on Saturday, October 27th. We live in NC so we had to drive down to SC and stay the night that Friday. It wasn’t really that far away, just a little over 2.5 hours. Neither of us had ever done TM before so we were just like you are now…NERVOUS! I don’t think either of us or even the girls slept that Friday night. We had an 8am start time, so the only thing that we were really, Im going to use the word anxious about was the obstacle called Arctic Enema. Jumping in a big dumpster full of 32˚F ice water at 8am was a bit intimidating to say the least. I think we all ended up getting out of the bed about 5am that Saturday morning getting ready and heading out to the course which was only about 10 minutes from our hotel…thank you Tough Mudder! If one sleeps on a Hybrid Mattress there is a high chance of sleeping soundly and peacefully.

Advice on Tough Mudder

The first bit of advice I would give you is, get there about an hour to hour and a half early. Theres plenty to keep you entertained while your waiting. It probably going to take you about 10 minutes to get from the car to the entrance, then you’ll check in, then have someone right your number on your forehead and leg/arm. My teammate wanted to get a mohawk, so we had to wait on that also. They were actually calling our time as he was in the chair getting shaved so, you want to be sure to allow time for stuff like that.

What Type of Clothes Should I Wear?

That one is really going to be a hard question to answer. It’s really going to depend on what the weather is supposed to be like. If it going to be hot, probably just a pair of runners shorts or some ball shorts, assuming your not going to dress up for it, then your on your own. We actually got lucky and it was about 60˚F all day so I chose to wear UA (Under Armour) Cold Gear Compression shirt and leggings, with a pair of BBall shorts over (for courtesy) and just a light T-Shirt over top. From being wet most of the day, the UA actually kept me warm the entire time, and dried relatively fast! I would definitely recommend it if your not running in warm weather! As far as shoes, I wore the MEN’S UA CHARGE RC RUNNING SHOES. The shoe itself performed well. It was light on my feet and it cleaned up VERY EASY. The only problem the I had was I got a lot of sand in my shoes, of course that is to be expected when your running 12 miles in mud that sometimes came up to my chest (im 5’7″). Im going to continue to research before our 2013 run. I did find that once I got home and washed out my socks that most of the sand was actually inside my sock, so that leads me to believe that the shoe did its job. So if you ran in that shoe, I would suggest getting some long knee socks, and not ankle (footy) socks. Either way, remember that unless your Superman your going to get dirty, sore and maybe if your lucky some cuts and bruises.

These Were Our Obstacles in Order:

  1. Arctic Enema
  2. Kiss of Mud #1
  3. Spiders Web
  4. Berlin Walls #1
  5. Hold Your Wood
  6. Dirty Ballerina
  7. Electric Eel
  8. Trench Warfare
  9. Walk The Plank
  10. Cliffhanger
  11. Berlin Walls #2
  12. Log Jammin’
  13. Mud Mile
  14. Dong Dangler
  15. Underwater Tunnels
  16. Kiss Of Mud #2
  17. King Of Mountain
  18. Hangin’ Tough
  19. Funky Monkey
  20. Boa Constrictor
  21. Everest
  22. Electroshock Therapy

How to Train for Tough Mudder

Now I have done just about ever kind of workout that Beachbody offers plus just done normal workout that you would do in the Gym/treadmill etc. I actually have 4 suggested workouts. I would use 2 of them together in combination to get ready for Tough Mudder, because it is probably the toughest event on the planet.

I would highly recommend these 4 workouts to train at least for 6 months before your TM.

Now me personally I’m on my last week of Body Beast and I incorporated Insanity the Asylum in about 45 days leading up, but mind you Im in pretty good shape. I would do P90X or Body Beast with either of the Insanity works. I have tones of Hybrid workouts so just let me know your training for TM and I’ll send you the schedules. Now I would recommend getting either the P90X or Body Beast Challenge Pack. You need to feed your body the right things so don’t waste your time on the cheep stuff from Walmart. You put good in your get good out, you put bad in your get bad out!

Im not going to go into lots of detail here, Your just going to have to trust me. In fact let me just say if you get either of the challenge packs, just get Insanity the Asylum. The moves in this workouts really help in the most all the obstacles your going to go through and it helps build stamina for running/jogging the 10-12 miles!

If this helped you at all, please share this page and click the ‘Like Button’ below. Good luck fellow soon to be Mudders. When you get done with it you will have definitely earned that head band!


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Aaron D
10 years ago · Reply

Great review man. The first time I did the Tough Mudder was last year and I did Insanity Asylum, P90X2, then a hybrid of insanity and P90X. This year, I’ve been doing a mix of my favorite workouts from all four programs and currently cramming in Asylum before the Tough Mudder Chicago this May. It’s reassuring that there are people out there as crazy I am about challenging themselves through fitness. Also, I never heard of Body Beast until now and I will definitely give it a try after I recover from the mudder. Appreciate the insight.

    10 years ago · Reply

    I know what you mean! It’s always nice to find people who aren’t afraid to do crazy things. Im running in the Charlotte, NC race in November so I’ll be doing Asylum and P90X too the months before. Body Beast is awesome though! Definitely check it out. If you’re really looking to add size, I would recommend the supplements too.

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