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How to Lose Weight Fast with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Lose Weight FastI need to lose some weight and I need to do it fast! 

This is a common phrase used by a lot of people. This day in time we get everything fast. We communicate with each other fast (phone, messaging, internet), we get fast food, we have fast transportation. We simply have come to a place that we expect everything to be fast. So that poses the question…

How to Lose Weight Fast with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset? Is there a way? Is it Healthy?

There are so many companies that will tell you that there product is the best or maybe a co-worker or friend will say; I have this great diet that’s cheap and works fast. Who should you believe? I’m sure your like most everyone in the world who doesn’t want to waste their hard earned money on something that isn’t going to do what its sellers say it is.

I think that theres 1 question you need to ask yourself…what is it that you really want to do? When people pose the question, how can I lose weight fast, I usually ask them why they want or need to lose the weight. The most common answer is I think Im fat and I can’t fit into my cloths anymore. Some say to get ready for a vacation or they have developed health problems and their doctors are telling them they need to lose weight. Some say my spouse doesn’t look at me the same way anymore or I saw my spouse looking at me the other day with a disgusted look on their face. With my experience I can tell you what I think the answer should be. I think it should be for your health and well being which will be way easier to improve with medication that can be found at this online phentermine pill sales website.

So is there really ways to lose weight fast? YES. Are they healthy? DEPENDS. I know there are tons of products out that say you can lose inches in hours, but lets be real people. That isn’t healthy. Is it worth it to you to put your health in danger just to lose 10lbs or some inches in just a few days? NO. Some might say its worth it, but I bet if you woke up with an IV stuck in your arm and you were in a hospital bed you’d probably take those words back! If you plan on going out to eat choose healthy options, you can use this shared tip calculator to determine how much of a tip to leave for your waitress.


Do your research on the Mini Gastric Bypass Webinar Series! If I could offer you any advice I would say to SLOW DOWN and invest a little bit of time. Read what others say about the health benefits of what you want to do. Look for articles from doctors. Don’t do a ‘lemon water cleanse’ (not 100% on the name, but I know its close) just because your friend did it and lost weight. I hate to break it to you, but the ‘lemon water cleanse’ isn’t healthy. Before I became a Beachbody Coach, I would have believed it was. But now Im informed, educated and have lots of information and doctors to support it! I do have good news. You haven’t been reading this post just to find out the answer is no. There is a very HEALTHY way that you can lose weight, plus:

  • Have more energy and greater focus
  • Experience better digestion and a more positive mood
  • Enable your body to function more efficiently
  • Improve your overall health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lose inches

Im talking about Beachbody’s 21 Day Reset. Yes it is a cleanse…kind of. Don’t let that word scare you! When I mention the word ‘cleanse’ most people make that ugly face and kind of turn their shoulder…you know the face Im talking about. Well let me tell you What the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset is NOT:

  • A starvation diet. (You’ll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)
  • An abrupt cleanse that’s hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body’s internal settings.)
  • A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body. (You won’t be running to the bathroom every hour!)

So you might ask; How is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset different from other cleanse programs?

  • The Ultimate Reset isn’t a crash diet or a synthetic meal replacement.
  • It’s an integrated, whole-body reset solution—a step-by-step program that lets you have real food, provides specially formulated supplements like the ones from and kind of detox like, slimroast coffee and teaches you conscious living techniques that work to detoxify and restore your body.
  • You’ll not only help return your metabolism to optimal function, but you’ll learn conscious self-care behaviors that can help you maintain better health, even after your Reset.

This works people. It makes you feel good again! Its healthy and I’ll tell you this, you can’t put a price on being HEALTHY! Let me remind you of what I said above. When you do these fly-by-night diets and other cleanses, your basically ripping your body apart. Because let be real people, your body needs certain nutrients everyday. So if you think you can eat crackers and tuna everyday for 3 weeks and your body isn’t gonna suffer then your crazy! Don’t end up sick and in the hospital just because you found a cheap diet that you really don’t know if it would even work! COMMIT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH!

A little food for thought…

With the small investment of the 21 Day Reset, you’ll not only take back control of your health and life, but you’ll be a better more educated you once your 21 days are over. Some people have even came out stronger and your not allowed to workout when your doing it! You’ll know how to prep your food, how to cook your food and how to shop for healthy foods. You won’t just be better for you, you’ll be better for your family! YES your family will benefit from you sharing your knowledge of healthy foods and eating habits!

Then what?

Because this isn’t a diet you’ll be ready to tackle your new lifestyle head on! You can add in a fitness program and your success in your health and fitness will just continue to grow. Diets don’t work because once your done, you usually go back to your old ways and those old ways are what made you need a diet to begin with. That’s why Beachbody doesn’t offer a diet plan, we offer Lifestyles and you get support 24/7 from me your Beachbody Coach…this is the best part…FOR FREE! Thats right, Im there for you around the clock to help you achieve your goals!

So don’t wait any longer! Take back control of your life. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, then do the 21 Day Reset and let your body do what its supposed to naturally do!

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