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Shakeology Ingredients Review by Tony Horton

Watch Tony Horton in this video Review Shakeology Ingredients at the checkout lane.

This video gives you a review of the ingredient list in shakeology. Tony Horton the P90X master, is hilarious in this video! But with all jokes aside, it’s all true. Just imagine…lets say you knew all about the ingredients used in Shakeology, and you had a full understanding of their health benefits. It would still cost you a small fortune to get all it. Not to mention, the amount of time it would take to be able to prepare it all and consume it all. I wouldn’t happen.

What Shakeology has done for me.

Well for starters it helps me keep my cravings down for foods that aren’t healthy. I honestly can tell a huge difference in how I feel. I’ll never forget what my coach told me when I was thinking about getting it. I was complaining about how much it cost. When I should have been looking at it as a “cost-per-day” since its replacing a meal and thats only $4 a day. Pretty cheap when you look at it that way. So I was told how great I would feel and honestly I thought, yeah right, you’re just trying to sale me something. My coach said, “ok well its backed by an empty bag money back guarantee, so its totally risk free. He said drink it for a month and then just stop for a week and see the difference.” It was literally a difference of night and day. I could instantly tell how my energy levels were up during my workouts. My digestion was very good and I just felt better. When I stopped. My energy seemed to drop. My digestion was good, but I could definitely tell it wasn’t as good when I was drinking it. So long story short, I’ve drank Shakeology ever since. Going on almost 2 years now. Its funny too, my 3 year old son likes it. Of course I give him a small dose, but Im glad he likes it. I know its extremely healthy for him and that makes me happy. Anyone who has kids knows how hard it is to get your kids to eat veggies or anything healthy for that matter. Its been a life saver for me, my wife (who also loves it and got great results drinking it and doing P90X) and my son! I would strongly recommend it. Give your body the best! Don’t cheap out on your health! We need it to survive!

What’s The Easiest Way to Lose Weight?

What's The Easiest Way to Lose Weight?It’s almost Christmas and Thanksgiving is once again in the past. Are you one of the people who had to visit with lots over the Thanksgiving holiday? If so you may be wanting to know what’s the easiest way to lose weight? Well believe it or not I do have the answer for you. There are actually a number of suggestions that Im going to share with you that will work well for you and even be a great Christmas gift for your family or close friend!

Simple Facts!

Lets dig into the facts for just a minute. Most average people will gain between 8-12 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years. Most of it comes from the home parties and office parties due to the holiday cheer. Im going to share with you some of the easiest ways to lose weight FAST and actually save some money over this holiday season!

Money Saving TIPS first!

Saving money this holiday season is actually easier than you might think. This is my suggestion. STOP feeling like you have to give to everyone. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not being a scrooge. But there is no reason to buy for people who a. don’t need anything, and b. just because they’ve bought for you. I would encourage you to actually reach out to the people on your normal Christmas list and and simply suggest that you not exchange gifts this year mainly because there is nothing that you really need. Take the money that you both would spend on something that you think the other would like and pay down some debt with it…WOW yes I just said that. Pay off some debt. Now that’s a real gift for the holiday season, that any and everyone will appreciate. I know that I can personally do without another pair of socks that I wouldn’t even buy myself this year or some useless device that I really don’t have room for now. I love Christmas, because its about Christ. Our government, has allowed it to become such a big deal and we’ve been lead to believe that if we don’t share, then we don’t care. And that just isn’t the case. So my suggestion would be to buy a pack of cards, and write something nice about the person or family your giving it to. That will last forever. Also, stop all the unhealthy baking, of cookies and pies. It is a good idea to introduce healthy eating habits. If it is difficult for you to prepare substantial and healthy food every day, you can try a  meal delivery diet.  With every get-to-gether we always feel like we should take some food, and the easy thing to take are…you guessed it, cookies and pies. While not hard to make and not that expensive, but if you do it several times during the holiday season, it can add up. There just isn’t a need to do it, and people don’t need the unhealthy foods! So if your like me, then I probably just saved you at least $500 to $1000 on unnecessary giving. Now the best news is you can get a great, easy plan to lose weight and start losing it fast for less than the $500 I just showed you how to save! Check out CoolSculpting EDU for more!

Beachbody Ultimate ResetLooking for What’s The Easiest Way to Lose Weight?

This is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. What is it? Well this is the best and healthiest way to reset your body. Its a 21 day challenge. This comes with a meal plan that is strict and very precise. For 21 days you’ll learn how to eat healthier, what super foods are, How do supplements like mk2866 help you and how to use them. You’ll break free from you caffeine addictions and junk food addictions, without ever having to lift a weight or go to the gym! We’ve done our research with this one folks! Check out Megan’s results. Regardless of your size you can do this, and get great results!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset ResultsNow I want you to keep in mind, that after you finish the 21 Day Ultimate Reset, you will never have been more ready to start a workout program. In fact studies show that most people have more energy and actually those who worked out before doing the Ultimate Reset performed better and lifted heavier once going back to their workout routine. Yes, the Ultimate Reset is an the easiest way to lose weight, because you don’t workout at all when doing it. But the fact is, once the 21 days are over, you will need a plan in place to continue this new healthy lifestyle and you’ll WILL BE READY for it. Ready’er than you’ve ever been! There are several ways to get the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset. All you need to do is pick the package that suits you the best.

Losing Weight after or without the 21 Day Ultimate Reset

You actually have so many options, and if you have money you can even get done surgical procedures with roxanne grawe, who is one of the best ones in cosmetic surgery. And again, with the money that I’ve already told you how to save you can get a great workout, plus the nutrition from Shakeology, all for yourself, and still have enough to get one for a close friend, relative or your spouse. I’ve written several articles on most of these workouts, so it won’t be hard for you to do your research on them. How ever, Im going to list them out from Basic/Beginner to Advanced. You may also look for a private workout coach to guide you on your workout sessions.
With all these programs, you get free support, you’ll get me as your coach, and an online community to further help you in achieving your goals. We have a proven system that works. Are you ready for your new life or are you going to hide in fear? We’re here to help you, but you have to be willing to help yourself…what are you going to do?




Middle of the Road





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Shakeology  – Your Heart’s Beat

Your body is craving Shakeology. It loves it! Right now as your sitting there reading each word, your blood is asking for Shakeology. Now I know your sitting there saying to yourself, OK this guy is a trip, I’ve never even had Shakeology before so how is my body craving it? Well that might be true, you may not have ever had shakeology a day in your life but, you’ve probably had some of the whole foods that make up shakeology and your body know’s without your mind knowing that it’ll love Shakeology.

So Whats in Shakeology?

There are over 70 different ingredients in shakeology. Mostly whole foods. You know the natural stuff. Its an ultra-premium nutritional shake. To create it, Shakeology’s Co-Founder Drarin Olien searched the world (literally) for the most potent ingredients that your body can easily absorb and utilize. Its really a perfect combination of enzymes, prebiotics, antioxidants, and a lot of other rare ingredients – like adaptogens, Camu-Camu, and sacha inchi – give you the essential diet. Even eating the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables every day won’t give you this much nutrition. No other shake, meal or vitamin can do that! Its also comes in a Vegan Blend which is nice as well!

It All Boils Down to This…

Shakeology is a food that you can easily digest. Your body knows what to do with it. Unlike the famous Cheese Burger from you favorite fast food joint! There a no fillers or additives in it. If your body is getting the foods and vitamins that it knows how to break down then guess what? It does it job of breaking them down. Easier digestion leads to a cleaner digestives system. Thus weightless occurs. Did you know that the average person has 20 or more pounds of excess waist built up in their digestive system? Shakeology helps to fix that, and with everyday use it wont happen anymore.

Are You Struggle with Weight loss?

Have you tried a lot of weight loss pills, drinks or diets, to find that they didn’t work, you were going broke trying to buy them or it just didn’t fit into your lifestyle? Then I let me tell you about the easiest solution there is. Try the one method thats proven to give you healthy results. All you have to do is replace one meal a day with Shakeology. As soon as the first week, you’ll notice you have more energy, fewer cravings, and better digestion. Each low-calorie serving also helps keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals.

Proven Shakeology Results

In a 90-day research study, 1 meal was replaced per day with Shaekology and saw major improvements in the health of the *†

By the end of week 1:

  • Improved digestion and regularity
  • Reduced cravings

 By the end of week 4:

  • • Increased energy and stamina
  • • Lost weight
  • • Improved mental clarity

 By the end of week 12:

  • Lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off waist on average
  • Reduce risk for diseases, including heart disease.
  • Lowered cholesterol on average by 30% and even p to 70%
  • Developed healthier skin, hair, and nails

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

† Ub a 90-day study, participants replaced one meal per day with Shakeology, ate a balanced diet and exercised moderately three times per week. Total cholesterol was reduced on average by 30% and LDL cholesterol was reduced on average by 38%.

Proven results with a regular exercise routine and balanced diet. Are you ready to add Shakeology to your everyday life? Do I recommend it!

 How Much Does It Cost?

Shakeology cost $4 a day. Thats it. 4 bucks. Thats probably less than what you spend on any meal throughout the day. If you decide to become a Club Member when you sign up, you save 10% on Shakeology, so it comes out to be less than $4 a day. If you decide to become a coach, you have the opportunity to share this amazing shake with others and earn a some extra cash, plus save 25%. Be sure to get shakeology on HD (home direct) so you get free shipping. If not your gonna pay almost $12-$15 in shipping. If your interested in becoming a coach lets talk today! Don’t wait! So what are you waiting for? Get Shakeology now and start living a healthier life!


Learn more about becoming a Coach.


How to Lose Weight Fast with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Lose Weight FastI need to lose some weight and I need to do it fast! 

This is a common phrase used by a lot of people. This day in time we get everything fast. We communicate with each other fast (phone, messaging, internet), we get fast food, we have fast transportation. We simply have come to a place that we expect everything to be fast. So that poses the question…

How to Lose Weight Fast with Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset? Is there a way? Is it Healthy?

There are so many companies that will tell you that there product is the best or maybe a co-worker or friend will say; I have this great diet that’s cheap and works fast. Who should you believe? I’m sure your like most everyone in the world who doesn’t want to waste their hard earned money on something that isn’t going to do what its sellers say it is.

I think that theres 1 question you need to ask yourself…what is it that you really want to do? When people pose the question, how can I lose weight fast, I usually ask them why they want or need to lose the weight. The most common answer is I think Im fat and I can’t fit into my cloths anymore. Some say to get ready for a vacation or they have developed health problems and their doctors are telling them they need to lose weight. Some say my spouse doesn’t look at me the same way anymore or I saw my spouse looking at me the other day with a disgusted look on their face. With my experience I can tell you what I think the answer should be. I think it should be for your health and well being which will be way easier to improve with medication that can be found at this online phentermine pill sales website.

So is there really ways to lose weight fast? YES. Are they healthy? DEPENDS. I know there are tons of products out that say you can lose inches in hours, but lets be real people. That isn’t healthy. Is it worth it to you to put your health in danger just to lose 10lbs or some inches in just a few days? NO. Some might say its worth it, but I bet if you woke up with an IV stuck in your arm and you were in a hospital bed you’d probably take those words back! If you plan on going out to eat choose healthy options, you can use this shared tip calculator to determine how much of a tip to leave for your waitress.


Do your research on the Mini Gastric Bypass Webinar Series! If I could offer you any advice I would say to SLOW DOWN and invest a little bit of time. Read what others say about the health benefits of what you want to do. Look for articles from doctors. Don’t do a ‘lemon water cleanse’ (not 100% on the name, but I know its close) just because your friend did it and lost weight. I hate to break it to you, but the ‘lemon water cleanse’ isn’t healthy. Before I became a Beachbody Coach, I would have believed it was. But now Im informed, educated and have lots of information and doctors to support it! I do have good news. You haven’t been reading this post just to find out the answer is no. There is a very HEALTHY way that you can lose weight, plus:

  • Have more energy and greater focus
  • Experience better digestion and a more positive mood
  • Enable your body to function more efficiently
  • Improve your overall health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lose inches

Im talking about Beachbody’s 21 Day Reset. Yes it is a cleanse…kind of. Don’t let that word scare you! When I mention the word ‘cleanse’ most people make that ugly face and kind of turn their shoulder…you know the face Im talking about. Well let me tell you What the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset is NOT:

  • A starvation diet. (You’ll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)
  • An abrupt cleanse that’s hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body’s internal settings.)
  • A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body. (You won’t be running to the bathroom every hour!)

So you might ask; How is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset different from other cleanse programs?

  • The Ultimate Reset isn’t a crash diet or a synthetic meal replacement.
  • It’s an integrated, whole-body reset solution—a step-by-step program that lets you have real food, provides specially formulated supplements like the ones from and kind of detox like, slimroast coffee and teaches you conscious living techniques that work to detoxify and restore your body.
  • You’ll not only help return your metabolism to optimal function, but you’ll learn conscious self-care behaviors that can help you maintain better health, even after your Reset.

This works people. It makes you feel good again! Its healthy and I’ll tell you this, you can’t put a price on being HEALTHY! Let me remind you of what I said above. When you do these fly-by-night diets and other cleanses, your basically ripping your body apart. Because let be real people, your body needs certain nutrients everyday. So if you think you can eat crackers and tuna everyday for 3 weeks and your body isn’t gonna suffer then your crazy! Don’t end up sick and in the hospital just because you found a cheap diet that you really don’t know if it would even work! COMMIT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH!

A little food for thought…

With the small investment of the 21 Day Reset, you’ll not only take back control of your health and life, but you’ll be a better more educated you once your 21 days are over. Some people have even came out stronger and your not allowed to workout when your doing it! You’ll know how to prep your food, how to cook your food and how to shop for healthy foods. You won’t just be better for you, you’ll be better for your family! YES your family will benefit from you sharing your knowledge of healthy foods and eating habits!

Then what?

Because this isn’t a diet you’ll be ready to tackle your new lifestyle head on! You can add in a fitness program and your success in your health and fitness will just continue to grow. Diets don’t work because once your done, you usually go back to your old ways and those old ways are what made you need a diet to begin with. That’s why Beachbody doesn’t offer a diet plan, we offer Lifestyles and you get support 24/7 from me your Beachbody Coach…this is the best part…FOR FREE! Thats right, Im there for you around the clock to help you achieve your goals!

So don’t wait any longer! Take back control of your life. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, then do the 21 Day Reset and let your body do what its supposed to naturally do!

Stop waiting get  Detoxic Ulasan the 21 Day Reset now!

I Go to the Gym, Why am Not Seeing Results?

I talk to a lot of people and they say to me that they’re going to the gym, but they are just not seeing the results from it. They say that they are running on the treadmill, hitting the elliptical machine, attending cardio classes, and even lifting some weights but still they aren’t seeing any definition, toning or weight loss. People constantly ask me what’s my secret to getting in shape and staying in shape? I always give them the same answer…P90X. Yes people that’s right P90X helped me to get in shape and it keeps me in shape.

So what’s so Special about P90X?

Well to answer that question I really have to tell you the truth about why it works for me. Most men would be embarrassed to tell this but I would rather suck it up and just give you the honest truth! As a child I was always active in sports, playing outside, you know the normal kid stuff. But as I got older, I kind of grew out of it. Growing up with only one active parent, my mother. I never really had anyone to show or teach me the ways of working out. I even signed up for an elective weightlifting class in high school, but to my surprise I didn’t really learn anything in class other than how to spot someone bench pressing. I too never got results even as a teenager. Time went on and I tried a lot of the TV gimmicks and never got results from those either. Shortly after I got married, I was laid off from my job. I drank beer just about every night and finally decided I was going to get in shape. Of course I was still relying on useless knowledge from what I had seen in weightlifting class years ago. A family member gave me a nice bench, bench press bar and weights and again I decided to buy something that I had seen on TV. The “Ab Lounger”. Im sure you remember. The blue chair that had a foot bar that simulated a sit up. So a buddy of mine and I decided we were gonna start lifting weights and doing abs with the chair. He was a little more experienced in weightlifting, so he showed me a couple of things and I was doing 300 sit ups on the “Ab Lounger” everyday. This went on for about a year and yep, you guessed it, I STILL WASN’T SEEING THE RESULTS. Now, of course I was able to bench a little more than when I started, but no inches were lost, and I definitely didn’t have abs. The simple fact of the matter was I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING OR WHAT TO DO. Out of pure frustration and I guess a lack of interest my buddy quit on me and I continued to do what I could on my own. I was getting nowhere still. In between all this time I had landed a new job and one day I heard a girl at work say that she was going to start P90X. So right then and there I decided that if she could do it, then I could to and I had to admit that what I was doing definitely wasn’t working so I thought it was time to try something new.

The Beginning of P90X…

Now most people when they hear the term P90X just kind of “cringe up” assuming they know what P90X is. I have to admit that I was a little more than intimidated by it. Just watching the youtube videos alone is enough to make you think its impossible. But I “grabbed the bull by the horns” and got the program and got started. So when people ask me whats so special about P90X, before I can even answer the question they say; is it hard? Well yes it is and it whooped my a** the first few weeks. But for the first time ever in my life…I STARTED TO SEE NOTICEABLE RESULTS!!! But why was I seeing them? Ok by now Im sure your wondering if Im ever gonna answer the first question…What is really so special about P90X. Ok I’ll tell you…

…I have a SOLID workout routine that shows me what to do and when to do it.

Thats right. Before, I had know idea what muscle groups to workout and on what days to do them. I simply didn’t know how to workout. The reason that P90X works for me is it gives me a set schedule. I know each day what muscle groups Im going to workout. Tony Horton does a great job of leading each workout. He tells you why he chose to make each schedule and he shows you how to do each move.

Ok all this sounds good, but what if I can’t do a particular move?

People will tell me, “well I know you have to do push-ups and pull-ups, what if I can’t do them?” Thats the joy of P90X. Tony gives you ‘modified moves’ to help you until you can perform the real thing. This is truly the greatest workout I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot!


But wait, theres more! (lol). Working out is only half the battle. P90X also comes with a nutrition guide to help you plan your meals each day for your 90 days. Along with not knowing how to workout, I also didn’t know how to eat healthy. I thought I did, but some of the things that I thought was healthy really wasn’t. So with P90X I learned how to workout buy following the schedule and how to eat healthier everyday, not just for the 90 day program. If you really want to jumpstart your health, fitness and/or weightloss then add in Shakeology once a day everyday as a meal replacement. I drink it everyday and have been for close to a year now. Its just a way of life for me.

Another popular question I get is, don’t you get board? Quickly I tell them, not really. Im in amazing shape. I do P90X to keep these results. The 90 day cycle, is mixed up so well that I never really get board. Sometimes when I finish a 90 day round of P90X I’ll do Inanity, or P90X2 just to freshen things up, but I always come back to P90X.

If your tired of not getting the results you want, then stop waisting your time! Oh and I almost forgot, when you get P90X/Shakeology from my site, you also get me as your Coach for FREE! That’s right unlimited support from a now, well educated Coach! Im actually P90X Certified. If your thinking about getting P90X and Shakeology together, consider the Challenge Pack, you save $50 right off the bat. So STOP waiting and take back your life!!!

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse

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Shakeology Cleanse Information.

Ok here is the information on the three day Shakeology cleanse. It is not a traditional cleanse since a traditional cleanse contains very few calories and nutrients. The Shakeology cleanse is a calorie restricted nutrient dense eating plan that lasts for 3 days. The Shakeology Cleanse should not be used for longer than 3 days OR in the middle of you workout program. You can do a Shakeology Cleanse either on your recovery week or prior to starting your new fitness program. The goal here is not to lose weight even though it will probably occur but to get your body running more efficiently. You will be eating (drinking) frequently and consuming between 800 -1200 calories a day. The goal is to get the most nutrient dense calories you can, rid your body of unwanted toxins and undigested foods and bring your hydration levels into homeostasis. Even though your calories will be low your your nutrients will be high.

What you will need for the Shakeology Cleanse:

  • Water (lots of it)
  • Green Tea
  • Shakeology (Greenberry or Chocolate) 9 servings
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Ice
  • 3 servings of whitefish or chicken- 4 oz portions
  • Ingredients for dinner salad- Greens and veggies.
  • Olive oil or balsamic vinegar dressing

Shakeology comes with 24 servings in the individual packs or 30 servings in the bag. You should still use Shakeology once a day after your cleanse to replace a meal or in addition to a meal.

Here is how to do the Shakeology Cleanse: 3 days only

  1. Start your day with a cup of green tea.
  2. Breakfast: Shakeology with water or ice or both. (adding a 1/2 cup of fruit is optional)
  3. Snack: 1 piece of fruit.
  4. Lunch: Shakeology- water and ice only followed by a cup of green tea.
  5. Snack: Shakeology- water and ice only (Can have after dinner instead of before if you like)
  6. Dinner: 4 oz of grilled white fish or poultry with a dinner salad. (greens and veggies) No more than 2 oz of dressing. (preferably olive oil or balsamic vinegar dressing)

Things you may Experiences

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced belly bloat
  • Renewed energy
  • Break through plateau, boost metabolism
  • Headaches or light-headedness
  • Lack of energy
  • Hunger
  • No weight loss
  • Measure inches instead
  • Preparing your body for weight loss

How to modify

  • If you feel light headed ease up on your exercise or you can add a small snack. (e.g. 1/2 a banana or 5-10 almonds)

How many calories will I be getting in a single day?

  • 800-1200 calories per day

How often can I do the Shakeology Cleanse?

  • You could do the Shakeology cleanse once per quarter. (every 3 months)
  • as the seasons change
  • before starting a new workout program
  • when you need help breaking through a plateau

Should I still do my workouts during the Shakeology Cleanse?

  • It will be different for everyone. I suggest only light to moderate exercise.
  • You will have less energy than usual so the best time would be during a recovery week of prior to starting your program
  • I wouldn’t do the cleanse in the middle of P90X or Insanity

Could I do a 1-day or 2-day cleanse instead of 3-days?

  • Yes. some people will see results in 1 or 2 days
  • Don’t do the Shakeology cleanse for more than 3 days at a time

Is it ok to take other supplements during the Shakeology Cleanse?

  • You should not take the Results and Recovery Formula due to the amount of  sugar and calories. You are only working out light to moderately
  • Other like Coral Cal-Mag or Omega-3 aren’t necessary but shouldn’t harm you

Get Shakeology here!

The Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse

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If you’re feeling tired and sluggish, give yourself a comprehensive inner-body tune-up. In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset™ can help you gently restore your body to its optimal “factory settings,” to help you have more energy and greater focus, enjoy better digestion, lose weight, and reclaim your overall health.

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

So Why Reset?

Our environment has become more and more toxic. Our bodies absorb pollution and harmful chemicals all our lives, along with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. These toxins can get stored in our bodies, clogging our cells and slowing down their natural functions.

It’s not enough just to work out and eat right. You have to take a break from the everyday and find a way to get those toxins out of our bodies. Along with getting in shape on the outside, you have to start getting healthy on the inside. So now its time for a Reset, and always remember that if you are looking to shift to healthier products, you can always learn more here.

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a complete, three-phase, 21-day program that provides everything you need to:

Phase 1:

Reclaim your body’s natural balance.

Phase 2:

Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you.

Phase 3:

Restore your system to its maximum health.

What are the benefits of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its original factory settings,” to help you:

  1. Have more energy and greater focus
  2. Experience better digestion and a more positive mood
  3. Enable your body to function more efficiently
  4. Lose weight
  5. Improve your overall health

What the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ is NOT:

  • A starvation diet. (You’ll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)
  • An abrupt cleanse that’s hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body’s internal settings.)
  • A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body.
    (You won’t be running to the bathroom every hour!)

What’s included in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

Six Essential Supplements:
The Ultimate Reset Nutritionals are uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health.

  • Alkalinize – Helps maintain alkalinity.
  •  Oxygenize – Helps provide supplemental oxygen to the body.
  • Mineralize – Adds natural minerals needed by the body.
  • Detox – Helps remove toxins and waste in the colon.
  • Revitalize – Helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.
  • Optimize – Promotes healthy metabolism and effective body functions.

I you are ready to transform your body with the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset then just click on the link below to get started.

How is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset different from other cleanse programs?

The Ultimate Reset isn’t a crash diet or a synthetic meal replacement. It’s an integrated, whole-body reset solution — a step-by-step program that lets you have real food, provides specially formulated supplements, and teaches you conscious living techniques that work to detoxify and restore your body. You’ll not only help return your metabolism to optimal function, but you’ll learn conscious self-care behaviors that can help you maintain better health, even after your Reset.

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