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Fight Cancer With Fitness from Beachbody

Living with cancer is anything but easy. It is not uncommon for cancer patients to suffer from depression and overall feelings of hopelessness, one of the main reasons why they opt to take budsandblossoms products. Many forms of cancer are difficult or impossible to treat effectively. However, there are many simple ways to increase the chance of recovery and improve the mood of the patient. Physical activity is one of the best ways to deal with cancer on an individual level. Physical activity can be anything from a rigorous exercise routine to a simple walk around the neighborhood. Exercise provides a list of physical and mental benefits including enhancing the mood and strengthening the immune system. Routines like P90X, P90X2, TurboFire or Insanity would be considered more of your more strenuous workouts. If you were simply looking for something that will help you move, and move better with very little impact, Dr. Mark Cheng created Tai Cheng for such people. Moves made specifically for healing, building back strength or creating better flexibility is what this program is all about. The one thing that ties all the workouts together and still helps to the fight against cancer and/or other sickness or illnesses is Shakeology. Watch this short video to see all about how Shakeology is good for your health. Pay close attention around the 5:25 minute marker. Doctors specifically address Shakeology and cancers together.

Cancer Prevention And Exercise

Physical fitness can help patients recover from cancer, but it can also help to prevent cancer cells from forming in the first place. There is much proof that fitness directly lowers the risk of developing colon cancer ( Fitness increases strength and energy levels required for the body to defend itself. Other evidence has shown that there is a good chance that lung and prostate cancers are also linked to physical fitness. It is not hard to believe that a fit body would be better equipped to fight diseases. If you’re looking to prevent these things now, you’re at the right place. I’ll do my very best to help you find the workout and nutrition guide thats right for you. You may consider a fast as an option, too. Have you seen the Beachbody Challenge?

How A Poor Mood Can Effect Cancer

Believe it or not, the mood of a cancer patient has a very interesting effect on the turnout of their condition. People who become depressed during treatment are less likely to recover. This occurs mainly because of the effect on the immune system. The body and mind are not as separate as many people would like to believe. How we think and how we feel is connected to how we feel on a physical level. The immune system itself will weaken and may become damaged when your mood is poor. Physical fitness is the most effective way to boost energy levels and improve mood while also improving the body. If you watched the video above, you’ve seen the ingredients that are in Shakeology. Lots of those ingredients are natural mood enhancers. Believe it or not, what we put in our body whether liquid or solid, it definitely has an effect on how we feel and think.

Exercise After Diagnosis

Many types of cancer develop due to a weakness in specific regions of the body. For instance, mesothelioma ( occurs in weak tissue around the major organs. This form of cancer is very difficult to treat, but physical fitness can help strengthen the immune system and boost the mood to help overcome the disease more effectively. There have been many studies linking fitness to an increased chance of cancer survival. A steady exercise routine is one of the first treatment methods suggested for patients to practice on their own. Combined with other medical treatments, physical fitness is the best way to stay strong and positive during such trying times.

If you or a friend could use help in finding a very affordable workout routine that comes with a complete nutrition guide and or interested in Shakeology contact me today!

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