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Canada Beachbody Coach

Category : Earn Cash with your FITNESS · by Sep 25th, 2012

Yes!!! Finally Beachbody has expanded to Canada!

I know that this has been a conversion that has been going on for a long time! Beachbody has not only been trying to get Shakeology and the other awesome products to the Canadian people but also due to the great interest of the Coaching network has been working on a solution to have the Coaching opportunity also available in Canada. Well Im so glad to say that the time has come!

Starting October 1, 2012

Team Beachbody is 100% available in Canada! Thats right, you can now enjoy the awesome benefits of Shakeology in combination with your favorite Beachbody workout, whether its P90X, Insanity or anyone of the other great workouts. Or if the new Body Beast is what you want along with all its great supplement then its yours!

Who will be the first Canadian to get be a Diamond Coach?

Let me be the first to say that I would love to have you join my team of very motivated coaches. If your ready to “hit the ground running” and start helping people achieve their health and fitness goals PLUS build an income along with it then I strongly recommend that you contact me *today* so that we can get the game plan up and have you ready to start on October 1, 2012.

If your ready and committed, contact me today so that we can make arrangements to get you ready to Coach on October 1, 2012! Contact me NOW!

If you read this post after October 1, feel free to still contact me or just click the button below and start your Coaching journey, oh and I’ll be in touch with you once you sign up if I don’t hear from you first!

Together we can help ‘End The Trend of Obesity’ and earn an income at the same time!


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