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Body Beast Review

Category : Building Muscle, Shakeology · by Nov 8th, 2012

Looking for a good accurate Body Beast Review? Im in my last week of the 12 week workout. I had the pleasure of chatting with Sagi, Body Beast creator at the Summit the past summer in Las Vegas, NV. I was a little skeptical about this workout but I did want to do something that would help me build some more muscle mass. So I went ahead and purchased Body Beast and all the supplements that go along with it. I can honestly say that I have seen a great deal of growth in my body.

I am personally a P90X grad and have done P90X a lot, so I was already in great shape when I started Body Beast. This program is for anyone wanting to add muscle mass.

The Body Beast program that I choose to do it the Huge Beast, and as I mentioned above is a 12 week workout. It has 3 phases. (There is also a Lean Beast schedule, that is the same workouts, but in a slightly different order. Im not going to go into detail on that schedule in this post, stay tuned for a Lean Beast Review.)

  1. Build – Weeks 1-3, 6 day on 1 day off.
  2. Bulk – Weeks 4-9 6 day on 1 day off.
  3. Beast – Weeks 10-12 6 day on 1 day off.

I have used all the supplements from day 1.

Body Beast Supplements

The supplements for Body Beast are as follows in the order shown above.

  1. Base Shake
  2. Fuel Shot
  3. Super Suma
  4. M.A.X. Creatine

I would recommend doing all 4 of these if your considering doing the program. They are super powerful, and basically designed to work with your body when doing a workout that involves lots of heavy lifting. Just FYI the Super Suma has Suma Root in it, and is still considered cheating in some circles, says the Body Beast Book. It also goes on to say that “It’s currently on the World Anti-Doping Association’s (WADA) banned substances list, because it was found to be of “similar chemical structure or similar biological effect” to know “peptide hormone, growth factors, and related substances” (or “steroids”). This means that it’s banned only because it mimics some steroids in testing, not because it’s harmful in any way.” Just wanted to throw that in there just incase your a professional athlete.

After each workout I will take:

  • 1 Scoop of Base Shake
  • 1 Scoop of Fuel Shot
  • 2 Super Suma Pills
  • 2 Scoops of M.A.X. Creatine

Thats 330 calories. I also throw a raw egg in the blender for a little extra. (You’ll never even know it there) And just FYI before each workout, I take 2 scoops of the Beachbody’s E&E Formula for the extra energy. Im up at 4:30am every morning to workout.

The book will actually tell you to take 2 scoops of the Fuel Shot but be warned that if you do, your 30 day supply will be cut down to 15 days, and you’ll need to order 2 at a time. So I simply do 1 scoop, because…well lets be honest, its all I can afford to do! If you have the means to do 2 scoops, I say go for it. It can only improve your results.

On to the Workouts

The workouts are fun, and most all the workouts are 50 minutes or less. Some as short as 30 minutes. Its based around what’s called Dynamic Set Training. Basically in my terms it means you start with a lighter weight and do 15 reps, then increase weight and do 12 reps, lastly increase weight again and do 8 reps. Sometimes you do that non-stop with no break, and other times you’ll add in additional moves to give the muscle a break before increasing the weight. I must say it was a nice change up from P90X, but I do miss it a little. You have very little cardio in Body Beast. Which means that your not going to burn as many calories, but keep in mind, lifting weights builds muscle, and muscle burns fat 24 hours a day! Cardio may continue to burn 2 to 3 hours after your workout but generally that’s about it.

How Did I Gain?

I CANNOT STRESS this enough. If you want to gain muscle in this workout, you must follow an eating plan. You have got to get the required calories, plus carbs, plus proteins and the right kind of fat. The book will tell you what percentages to do, and will make recommendations on how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. I have pretty much followed it the whole time. You want to make sure your eating correctly. In the Beast Phase you will consume less and start cutting some of the body fat that you have acquired.

Right now, Im still in the Beast Phase and I am cutting the body fat. My arms have grown about an inch. My chest is definitely bigger and my legs are no longer chicken legs.


You’re going to need equipment if your going to do this workout. There really is no way around this. Of course you can make some substitutions on some things.

You’ll need:

  • Bench (substitute a stability ball)
  • Pull up bar (substitute a resistance band. Need a place to hook it to simulate a pull up)
  • You need a good set of dumbbells. I would recommend 5 lbs up to 70 lbs. (Yes you will need some 5 lbs dumbbells. There are some moves that you just can’t go anymore than that, no matter your strength! I personally use the Bowflex SelectTech that are 5-52.5 lbs. They work great, but sometimes I have to pause the video to change my weight and still be able to keep up with the video.)
  • Curl Bar (substitute dumbbells. I did this in the beginning, but ended up getting the Curl Bar. I feel like I’ve gotten much better results than if I would have kept using the dumbbells. Thats just my opinion.)
  • Soft surface. This isn’t a requirement, but you can pick up a yoga mat or just some simple puzzle piece mats from Walmart.

Checkout the equipment here.

End Results

As I stated in the beginning, Im in my last week of Body Beast and Im very happy with the results that I’ve gotten. I will definitely make this program a part of my workout cycle. I like to rotate programs just for variety. Im not sure if I will do another round of Body Beast again or go to P90X. I think I may hold on to this muscle for a while, so I’ll probably jump back in for another 12 weeks of the Beast. So if you want to gain some serious muscle, get this program. Theres no guess work, only results!

How to Buy, Where to Buy Body Beast?

I would recommend purchasing the Challenge Pack for the Body Beast Program. Its at a discounted price, and gives you the entire workout plus your first 30 day supply of all the supplements. Its the most economic way.

If you just want to start out with the program, you can Buy it here.

You can find all the equipment you need at minus the dumbbells once you’ve gotten the program from your new free account with me.

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I hope this has been useful information for you. If this has helped you in any way, please click the Facebook “Like” button below this post, and share my site with your friends! Good luck and in the words of Sagi “Get Beasty”.


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Jim Christiano
10 years ago · Reply

Patrick, Great review! I’ve had a hard time reaching my 2700 calorie a day goal without reaching for the ice cream. Any tips for a post-dinner snack that’s healthy?

    10 years ago · Reply

    Im not sure about a post dinner snack. Honestly I try not to eat anything after dinner myself. I might have a scoop of peanut butter from time to time but thats about it. Without knowing what your eating the only advise I could give is maybe to consider the Beast Shakes. If you drink those with your snack or as your snack, that should help with meeting your calories for the day.

10 years ago · Reply

I just ordered the program. I have the dumbbells you add the weight on.
Post dinner I would recommend a slow digesting protein like casein or even cottage cheese. It helps prevent a catabolic muscle state from not consuming protein while sleeping.

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Matt S
10 years ago · Reply

If you want cals, drink whole milk. You people in the States are living the dream and not taking advantage. Whole milk in large quantities dirt cheap.

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