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Best Work at Home Jobs

Category : Earn Cash with your FITNESS · by Oct 16th, 2012

So What Are The Best Work at Home Jobs?

If you looking for something that you can do at home to make money, then you first need to decide a few things. This post is going to be a little different than anything that I’ve done here on I hope to really help you in your decision to find something that you can do at home to either make – extra spending money, buy a car, pay off some debt, or replace your day job and have financial freedom. These things aren’t hard to do. BUT and yes there is a but, you have to be willing to work. If your ready to work from home you need to be self motivated, a team player and you need to be willing to make the initial investment to start your business. If there is an option to be on auto ship for a product in your business, then you need to be on it, and be on the one that is recommended by the business your involved in. You may be asking why all these things are important, well Im going to tell you…

The Secret of Finding the Best Work at Home Jobs

In my experience of home based businesses is you have to find something that your interested in. I’ve been involved in several work at home jobs that failed. Why did I fail? Well it wasn’t because I wanted to. It wasn’t because I wasn’t willing to work, or put in the time and effort. The reason that I failed at the ones previous to what Im doing now is because I had no relationship with what I was doing. I’ll give you a perfect example. The very first failed business that I started was selling little nick-nacks. Things that looked like something you would pick up at a flee market. Now at 18/19 years old, I had no relationship or passion about what I was selling. I hadn’t even been out on my own for a year or so. I had none of the products that I was selling in my home/apartment. My target market were people that were older, I would say mid 40’s to 50’s because no one in there 20’s would be interested in what I was offering. Im mean what 25 year old wanted some rooster tableware for there house? I definitely didn’t want it in my home. So it was hard for me to relate to my audience. I didn’t believe in my product. Thus, I failed. I was young, but that isn’t an excuse. What I missed was the research and necessary planning to start a home based business, of course for this is important to keep our homes in good conditions, and the use of services like All Drain Service Plumbing drain cleaning could be really helpful to keep everything right at home. So again the secret to finding the Best Work at Home Jobs is finding something that you can relate to. Something you can be passionate about. Once you find that, then your business becomes something you can easily talk to people about. Its less like work and more of you just being passionate about your product or service. Then you’ll find success.

Since becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, I’ve owned my business for over a year now, and have shown profit in the first few months of joining. Why? Because I love what I do. I enjoy working out to the awesome programs that Beachbody offers. I love Shakeology which I have on auto-ship every month. I literally get to become healthy and get and stay in the best shape of my life while simply sharing these great tools with like minded people. I win in 3 ways. I help people achieve there health and fitness goals. I build a team of like minded people and help them build their team for and unstoppable flow of income, and yes you guessed it, I make an income from it that allows me to work at home.

What You Need to Know and Must Be Willing to Do

I want to break down each aspect of the things you need to be willing to do if your going to become a part of the growing industry of Internet Based/Home Based Businesses.

You need to be self motivated. If you can’t find the motivation to work your business on your own then owning your own business isn’t something that you need to consider. No one else is going to give you that push. Your going to need to be able to spend a minimum of 10 hours a week on your business. The less you do, the less you make. The more you put into your business the more successful and potentially the more you will make.

Now its also important to know your businesses Comp Plan. This is usually the rewards you’ll receive from the business your involved in for your hard work and efforts in your business. As a Beachbody Coach, just 1 of the perks on the Comp Plan are free monthly customers. You have to meet a few simple requirements and one of those requirements is to be on a monthly Auto-Ship.

Being on an Auto-Ship for your business means that you are essentially a product of your product. How can you relate to someone the usefulness of your product and/or service if your not willing to do the same thing? These are small investments that you MUST be willing to make. In every business there are business expenses. There are pros to it also. They are used as a Tax deduction, steps to help you achieve rewards from your Comp Plan and even samples for you to share with your market.

You’ll need to be willing to purchase the initial package or business starter pack. Now no matter what business you decide to get involved with, I would recommend that you invest in the best package available for you to start your business. That might be $100 or $10,000. I would jump on the phone and ask the person who is going to help you get started and ask what they joined the business with. You may be thinking that; “I don’t have that kind of money.” Well Im going to let you in on a secret. If you don’t have it now, your probably not going to have it next year. If your really serious about having financial freedom, working from home and being your own boss, then you need to find a way to get it. Let me give you an example. Lets say someone you care dearly for, that you are solely responsible for was in the hospital. The doctor comes in the room your sitting in, and says that unless this person has surgery right then and there they will die, and the surgery cost $10,000. Are you going to say I don’t have the money? No you’re going to tell them to do it, and your going to do what ever it takes to get that money to pay that bill. You may also ask for some financial assistance froom your friends and relatives. If they live in other states or countries, you can ask them to send it you through XE because it’s one of the most reliable money transfer services out there. For more details, you can can check out this xe money transfer review at This is how you have to be willing to think. You must be willing to invest in your future. And you must be serious about it. Another reason why becoming a Team Beachbody Coach was right for me is that the investment was only the cost of my workout of choice and Shakeology. $205. Thats what it took for me to join and start earning an income right away. Thats a relatively small investment for what you’ll gain.

Being a team player means that your going to do what ever it takes. Your willing to do everything that I’ve listed above. The most successful people are those who are always willing to learn. Learning about your business, investing in themselves and their business and engaging in personal development.

Im sure at this point your like, “WOW”, I had no idea that there was so much to running your own business. Well that’s why I said earlier that this post was going to be different. Most businesses just want to recruit you in and throw you to the wolves. I said this all throughout this post. When I became a Team Beachbody Coach, it was quit the opposite. I have a team of people that have helped me and still do. We are a “Team.” Have you ever heard the phrase 2 heads are better than 1? Together we all succeed.

Personal Development

Regardless of what you decide to do, join a business or simply work your 9-5 job for the rest of your life, Personal Development is a must. Personal development helps you to have a positive outlook on whatever curveball life may through. It will guide you in handling situations and help you retrain your brain. You see we as a nation have been taught our whole life on how we should think. That we should find a day job and work for the rest of your life and to except the offer of income you get. You see, the industry today wants to hire employees who are paid as little as possible, and they will break your job up into small easy to handle task. Have you noticed that? Do you know why? Its because then your easy to replace. The company will make money with or without you. Your working for them, and in return you get small wages for your time. Is that really what you want? Wouldn’t you rather work 50 hours a week (the normal 40 is in the past) and make money for yourself instead of for someone else? Oh By-the-way at least working from home I get to decide how much I work and when I work.

Be Brave

I would simply encourage you to be brave and move forward into a journey that will benefit you. Bravery doesn’t mean your not scared…it simply means that you go anyway. If your don’t invest in yourself and your future who will?

If you want to learn more or are ready to be apart of an fast growing, debt free company and be on a team of like minded people who are succeeding in what we do, then I would highly recommend that you consider becoming a Team Beachbody Coach. Sign up today or contact me now so that we can discuss the next steps for you to get start on planning for your financial freedom!



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