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Beachbody Challenge

The Beachbody Challenge WILL change your life forever! If your tired of feeling tired, sluggish, no energy or just want to get in amazing shape. I’ll help get you going with the right fitness program & nutrition to help you reach your goals. You may be asking what is the Beachbody Challenge and how’s it going to help me? Watch the short video below (be sure to turn your sound on) and then we’ll discuss it a little further.

I hope after watching that video your as pumped up as I am.

The Beachbody Challenge…

There is really so much to it, but at the same time there is so little to it. I know that’s an oxymoron, but it really describes it to perfection. What I want to really stress to you is this; its all for you, for the people. The ones who are willing to do what ever it takes. It’s not for me or for the other Coaches. Its not for the corporate world or the money hungry business people out there. This is all for you. It’s to help you not only start a new healthy lifestyle, but it gives you a clear and direct foundation to get started and maintain your results for the rest of your life. In being a part of the the Beachbody Challenge you also get a free coach >>thats ME<< to help you with any questions, concerns and motivation! You also get a small private group to be apart of that will share this experience with you and essentially could become life long friends. You see, through the countless hours of research we’ve figured out that folks get better results with they feel accountable. Being a part of a small group, you tend to lean on one-another.

The Breakdown…

Im going to give you the breakdown from start to finish, on how to get started in the Beachbody Challenge.

  1. You need a Beachbody Coach – thats easy, because Im right here. You need to start off by signing up for your free membership.
  2. Once you’ve created your account and filled in some of your basic information we need to figure out which program would be best for your to start out on. Most often, everyone wants to start out with the hardest or most extreme workout, but I highly recommend that if your new to fitness or starting over, we really need to pin-point a program for you to start out on. Remember, this is a lifestyle, so you don’t have to concur P90X in your first Challenge. I generally like to ask a few questions about you and your goals, and then I can make a recommendation on what I think you should start out with.
  3. Once we have your program picked out, then we chose a Shakeology flavor. There are 3 different Shakeology flavors.*Regular Shakology (animal based protein) Greenberry or Chocolate OR *Vegan (plant based protein and no dairy products) Chocolate or Tropical Strawberry.Both are equally potent with all the ingredients your body needs to become more healthy and lose weight. With Shakeology you’ll replace 1 meal each day. That’s not hard at all!
  4. Once we have the program figured out and your Shakeology preference, then we simply get that Challenge Pack. The challenge pack consist of your Beachbody workout + your first 30 days of Shakeology + 30 days of a free trial membership as a Club Member, all at a discounted price. So you basically pay less for bundling it together, oh and you get free shipping.
    * Just to let you know a little about the Club Membership. Being a Club Member, you receive 10% off anything purchased after becoming a member, plus you and I or just you can create a personalized meal plan for your entire family each week. It even can give a complete grocery list to follow. If you want to know more about the Club Membership go here.
  5. You need to have a Facebook account, or create one. All my Beachbody Challenge groups are private Facebook groups, within Facebook. Its just easier to keep up with everyone.
  6. This is the last step. Now you have a few more options to get started. I can place you in a Challenge Group that I am putting together myself, which usually consist of people just like you who just want to be a part of a group or if you feel more comfortable and want to get a hand full of close friends or family to join you in the group, we can do it that way also. Just know that each member must follow the steps above and they can’t already have a Beachbody Coach.

Thats it. Like I said it a lot to it but at the same time is really simple. FITNESS + NUTRITION + PEER SUPPORT = SUCCESS. Its that simple. So if your ready to be apart of a loving, caring team of great people who share your interest in getting in shape, then please, Join my Beachbody Challenge Group Today!! Contact me today to get started or jump over to the Challenge page and pick your Challenge Pack.

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